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Pirate Festival

The Rum is not gone! There is plenty for all.


Rose watched anxiously as the RIB with the harbourmaster came speeding towards them. There went their hope to slip into the anchorage without much trouble.

"Captain?" The harbour master called out.
-"Yes?" Rose leaned over the bulwark, looking down into the boat, not wanting to offer the harbourmaster to come onboard.
"We're having a Pirate Festival in the port this weekend. Would you mind anchoring your ship in the inner harbour? Your ship will look amazing as a backdrop."
Well, that was unexpectedly ironic.
"Yeah, sure, we can do that. Can you guide us to the right spot?" Rose called back.

Looking back onto the deck, Rose spoke out to the crew. Her Pirate crew. "If you want to go ashore to enjoy the party you better dress up as actual pirates."

Pirate festival

A pirate festival is exactly what it sounds like. A reason for people to party, drink one drink too many, and have fun, while being silly. It is similar as such things as Renaissance festivals, medieval fanfares and other fantastical get-togethers which are held in the summer for people to have a fun escape from everyday life. They are pirate themed parties.

Usually these festivals are organised in port towns with a historic maritime center. Where the visitors dress up as pirates, but also as age-of-sail sailors and officers, soldiers, merchants, of all levels of society that would have lived their life on or around the docks.

Often there are also competitions held for best outfits, or shooting flint lock pistols, rope or rigging climbing, Rum drinking. And singing. Singing historical and modern maritime songs is an important aspect of a good pirate festival.

On to the party

Rose couldn't stop giggeling, the crew had outdone themselves. After making her ball gown she knew they where not shy of needle work. But now she was sitting in one of the Red Sunrise's boats to go check out this Pirate Festival, with her crew fully dressed up as pirates that looked like they stepped straight out of a movie set.

"Michael, is that a real pistol?" Rose was pointing to the historical looking flint lock tucked in his belt, which just looked too good to be a prop. Michael smiled, pulled out the flint lock, pointed it to the water next to the boat, and with a crack a flame shot out and a white cloud was blown a way with the wind. "It's a very convincing prop Captain." He stated, while he fiddelled with some tools to reload it.

It was already lunchtime, Alejandro had made onion soup, and Rose tried to pretend she was enjoying it, but her hangover had other opinions about that. On the other table in the messroom, the guys were counting coins. Aleksey turned to her and dropped a hand of coins on her table. "Your share of our treasure from last night." Rose raised her eyebrow."What?"

"It's a pirate festival! So we did some honest pirating. You gotta go with the spirit cap."


Author's Notes

Answer to the World Anvil Summer Camp 2023 prompt: 10.A popular summer tradition that involves art and creativity.

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