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Iroas, God of Victory (Eye-Roar-Us)

"In truth I am one of many who are blessed with the might of Iroas, children of devout parents to whom the God of Victory has given the strength to serve and protect the people. Everyone always said I was born a hero."

A god of honor, bravery, and victory.

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Iroas is the god of honor and victory in war. He is thought to take the form of a centaur, though his lower half is that of a bull. He governs both personal valor and bravery in battle, and thus he also governs warfare. He is twin to Mogis, god of slaughter, who commands the dark and brutal side of war, and the two spar constantly. He is considered one of the ten minor gods of the realm. He established the Iroan Games in a lost city's biggest and most famous arena. The divine symbol for Iroas is a downward pointing sword. His sacred animal is a Bull.


Iroas, God of Victory by Slawomir Maniak




Iroas is one of the oldest gods on Ravnica . He and his twin were originally one being that was manifested as the savagery of war and bloodshed grew in the world. As decades passed, and wars came and went, the original being began having conflicting thoughts about the stature of war in Ravnica. This inner conflict eventually began to eat away at his mind, until he violently spit into two, forming Ioras and Mogis. The mind of man with a body made for war, and the mind of a beast with the body to create it. Those who uphold honor and tradition in war began to follow Ioras' way, while those who sought bloodlust and destruction followed Mogis. This would eventually lead to one of the biggest wars fought on the planet, even before the guilds were made.


Lines were drawn between the worshipers of war. One end sought that war should be honorable, and only made if necessary. The other desired plunder and death from battle. Skirmishes were fought across the forgotten lands of Ravnica, until all out war was finally realized. Each of the twin gods took command of thousands of their followers, and lead them into a grand battle across an ancient plane, long buried by the city built over it. Though the location of the battle was lost, the recorded history was kept with the priests and warriors who had it within their scriptures where it survives even today. It is written that Iroas and his warriors drew a pyrrhic victory, narrowly defeating his brother and his army.


Mogis, having been severely wounded from battle, was imprisoned for centuries. His twin as well was thought to be out of action for some time, recovering from his own devastating wounds. The escalation of war ceased for many years, until the upbringing of Ravnica's guilds and the conflicts they wrought. The nature of war found its way back into the minds of Iroas and his twin. His wounds nearly recovered, Iroas knew that the increase of worshipers and the drums of war would revitalize him and his brother, but before Iroas could reinforce his twin's prison, Mogis erupted from his bindings, fleeing from Iroas' clutches and sought to fuel the fires of the wicked nature of war and battle once again.


Dictate of the Twin Gods by Chase Stone

Ioras and Mogis in divine combat.

Worshiped by

Boros Legion

Mana Alignment

Holy Weapon

Sword and Shield  

Divine Symbol

Downward pointing sword  

Sacred Animal


Religious Colors

Red, Brown, Gold  


Honor, Victory, War, Valor, Competition  

Professional Skills

Skills that Priests may teach at major temples and gatherings
Devotion, Exhort, Combat Style


Clerics of Iroas are given access to the powers he offers. Some miracles are restricted to more trusted or higher ranking members of this religion.
Cure Malady
Dismiss Magic
Heal Wound
Lay to Rest


True worshipers of Iroas follow his commandments carefully, with those who ignore or are ignorant of such laws find themselves praying to deaf ears. Above all else, followers must fight their battles with honor.
  • Do not strike at an unaware opponent
  • Do not deceive or trick your opponent
  • Do not desecrate the body of a fallen opponent
  • Do not make war for the sake of it, fight for good reasons or intentions.
Iroas respects bravery and chivalry, but understands when a battle is lost or cannot be won.
  • If there is a chance of victory, you must fight.
  • If victory cannot be achieved, there is no shame in withdrawing.
  • But you must protect the innocent, even if it means sacrificing oneself to do so.

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  "Their blows caused the very ground to tremor, every swing generated a torrent of wind that could knock a man down. Many warriors couldn't help but to pause in that grand battle to watch the two gods clash before slaughtering one another once more."
An excerpt from the recorded history of The Battle of the Twins

The Iroan Games


The Iroan Games is an ancient tradition and holiday that was created by Iroas himself to seek out and bless the winners with his divine presence and power. Many followers heard a voice speak to them, to construct a grand arena and spread the word about this event. News quickly flew about Iroas' plan, and many flocked to help build his arena and many more to participate. The fifth day of the fifth month marked the grand opening of the games, and became a worldwide annual holiday for worshipers and non-worshipers alike that is still held up and celebrated in current day Ravnica.


Participants of the games are put through a series of grueling challenges and games that test their strength, will, and resolve. The challenges change every year to make sure everyone starts of equal footing, but the very last event is always a tournament of duels between the top 10 contenders. The games last for three days where hundreds of individuals find themselves participating to become the new champion. The winner of the games is given a personal audience with Iroas in his most sacred temple. There, the winner may ask for his guidance, or to help with plights they find themselves with. Along with being in his divine presence, the winner is given a fraction of Iroas' power and increased virility or fertility, for Iroas' power is capable of being passed down to the next generation of champions. Those who have been blessed, or are offspring of previous champions are forbidden to participate in the normal games, but can play in a side event made specifically for the blessed.


Hero of Iroas by Willian Murai

A participant of the Iroan Games readying himself for battle.

  "The Iroan Games award no medals. Athletes vie for a visit from Iroas, god of victory."

Planar Encounters

Aside from the annual blessing of the Iroan Game's champion and the Battle of the Twins, Iroas is rarely seen outside of his grand temple. There have been first hand accounts of clerics and warriors witnessing him appear to aid them in dire situations, but none can be proven and are usually brushed off as the trick of the mind.

Temples and Shrines

Temples are found somewhat sparingly throughout Ravnica, as the gods of war are typically seen as something to avoid the worship of, regardless of any kind of benevolence they may have. A grand temple is located within Boros Legion territory where a large monolith had been constructed in honor of this god. This temple is a gathering place of worshipers to pray, rejuvenate their theistic magics, and to offer tribute. One can also learn how to channel Iroas' power through the use of theistic magic from one of the high priests.


Temple of Triumph by Jason Felix

A typical Iroas Temple


Iroas has a brutal history with his twin brother Mogis. They both have had bloody battles since their inception and will continue to do so till one, or both of them are dead. Clerics cannot have devotion to both of these gods at once.

Iroas has no strong emotions towards any of the other gods.


Iroas is usually revered by fighters, mercenaries, and soldiers who value keeping the peace and to fight with bravery and honor. The Boros Legion is known to have many worshipers, and officially endorses Iroas as one of the guild's theism. Though temples may be considered sparse, clerics can easily construct shrines to pray and regain magical powers previously spent to once again channel their divine's potential. Such shrines are usually made up of many weapons strewn across an erected pillar, or beam, with a small offering placed at the helm or center of it. Offerings typically include food, specifically meat, or collected weapons and armor from previous battles, so long as the battle was fought honorably.

Iroas Tribute

Armory of Iroas by Yeong-Hao Han

Tribute to Iroas


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