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Boros Legion

The Legion

A brown-bearded, broad-chested man in clad massive-shouldered plate armor led a battalion of soldiers, the symbol of the Boros Legion emblazoned on white cloth draped over their armor. Their soldiers were a variety of races. including humans, a minotaur with a permanent scowl on her face, an impatient-looking goblin. and even some kind of humanoid fire elemental. whose Boros armor floated in protective positions over its animate flame.
The most formidable military force on Ravnica.



The Boros Legion is the guild of righteous law and fierce justice. The most formidable military force on Ravnica, the Boros are efficient, self-assured, and passionate in the pursuit of their ideals. Sunhome, the Boros guildhall, serves as both barracks and focal point of worship. The floating citadel known as Parhelion II, restored from the remains of the destroyed Parhelion I, occupies an awe-inspiring place in Ravnica's sky. The Boros believe passionately in law; to them it is the structure by which society functions and acts as the road map for the community's health and safety. Anything that violates the letter of the law, threatens the spirit of the law, or obstructs the enforcement of the law is considered an enemy of the Boros Legion. In effect, anyone who disagrees with the Boros is an enemy of the Boros.


The Boros zealously embrace justice and the good of the community, and they are willing to use any means to enforce those beliefs. The structure of this guild is hierarchical and authoritarian. Every Boros member knows his or her place between superiors and those of lesser ranks, and there are protocols for interactions among those different ranks. Ambition toward personal advancement is discouraged. Guild members are taught to respect each other for what service they provide to the guild and to society. In the Legion, everyone has a well-defined function based on rank. From the grunts to the angels, each individual is tasked with particular responsibilities to ensure an efficient execution of Boros ideals. Passion and zeal are encouraged as long as they fit within the belief structures of the guild.


Aurelia, the current guildmaster believes that weakness cannot be tolerated in the ranks of Boros. She espouses new battle tactics and coordinated assault groups. In effect, Aurelia has taken all of the existing Boros ideals and increased their intensity. To outsiders, she is a warmonger. To her devoted followers, she is slicing through old inefficiencies to achieve greater effect while staying true to the impassioned ideals of the guild.
"The more trust breaks down, the more we must throw open the front gates."
— Aurelia

Boros Legion's Agenda

The Boros Legion is defined by the tension between its goal of establishing order and harmony and the fiery zeal that drives many of its members. The guild stands for peace and justice, which can be established only through the rule of law. Its moral stance is fundamentally good, as it strives to protect the innocent and powerless from oppression and exploitation. At the sametime, members of the legion are passionate about their pursuit of justice, spurred by their righteous wrath into action against evil and injustice. ironically, this means that individual members sometimes break the rules they are charged with enforcing, cleaving to the spirit of the law when the letter no longer serves justice  


Aurelia, the Warleader by Slawomir Maniak

Aurelia, guildmaster of the Boros




The Boros Legion was founded by parun Razia, a militant flaming-sword-wielding archangel capable of using flame and light magic who fervently and firmly believed in harmonious coexistence on Ravnica, even if lives were lost and blood was shed in achieving this. She had lived even before the guildpact until the Decamillennial, whereupon she was killed by Szadek who impaled her with her own sword.


Agrus Kos was an officer of the League of Wojek in the Boros Legion. From a young age, Kos believed in upholding the law. As an orphan, his only dream was to join the Boros and protect the citizenry of Ravnica. Kos epitomized the tough "street cop" archetype, complete with a drinking problem and a distaste for rookies. Agrus and his partner Bell Borca stumbled across a conspiracy which threatened the entire world. Unfortunately for Borca, that discovery cost him his life. Through a long lead of investigation and with the help of the formal Parun of Golgari, Jared, the two were able to put a stop to Szadek's plan at the last second. Arresting the Dimir guildleader to answer for his crimes.


Pierakor az Vinrenn D'rav, better known as Feather, was a Boros Firemane angel, who spent much time as Agrus Kos's partner. She was placed in the League of Wojek for undisclosed reasons, and her wings were bound until her service with the Wojeks was considered appeased. After the events of the decamillenia, Kos freed her wings and she vanished, looking for the missing Parhelion.

She reappeared when she sensed Kos's death. She was chosen as one of his pallbearers, but vanished again shortly after. Her whereabouts during all those years were finally explained when she came to submit herself for arrest, when it was revealed that she is the last surviving of the Boros angels, the rest having been killed by Szadek's ghost army. After the dissolution of the guildpact, she was named as the Boros Guildmaster. Her tenure as Guildmaster was challenged by Aurelia, who believed that no angel who had been disgraced had a right to rule. She garnered much support in her crusade and Feather was imprisoned until her final fate could be decided. Feather was freed, however, during a secretive raid performed by Krenko.


The current guild leader is Aurelia, a former angel warleader who ascended to the rank of archangel. After the death of Razia, the Boros parun, and the disgrace of the previous angel guildmaster, Feather, warleader Aurelia won authority of the guild. Aurelia challenged Feather's ascendancy, arguing that a disgraced angel couldn't command authority or respect. Many agreed, and the few who didn't were quickly shamed into silence. Now that her authority is secure, Aurelia engenders the same respect and awe as Razia, the original parun. But while Razia was more of a figurehead, aloof and untouchable, Aurelia is an active, forceful leader who is directly involved with her underlings.


Aurelia has reconceived Boros battlefield philosophy and rewritten Boros attack plans that had existed for thousands of years. She has also deployed a new strategic arrangement of the troops, calling for more mass assaults with soldiers in great number. While she continued the standard presence of the Wojek police force and the traditional Boros army in every Ravnican district, she also imposed a superstructure of command divided into "theaters." There are four theaters, each under the command of one of her close advisors. This shift caused some surprise among the commanders of the Wojek and army, although no significant opposition to her decision exists.
"Justice is toothless without punishment. Righteousness cannot succeed without the suffering of the guilty."
— Razia, Boros archangel


There are so many ranks and tiers in the Boros Legion that most other guilds can't keep track of them all. Some are summarized here.


In the past, this tier of ancient angels comprised the meta-tacticians who created millennia-spanning strategies for the Boros. Despite the scope of their knowledge, they were divorced from the everyday planning of battle or logistics of the guild. Aurelia has changed their focus to more practical implementations of war.


The firemane angels are holy champions who specialize in single combat. While a firemane can outfight almost any single opponent, she will rarely give or follow orders, preferring to fight alone.


This rank of warrior angels actively participates in maneuvers and the formations of skyknights. Some command their own legions and work in conjunction with generals and commanders. Under Razia, this would have been an unthinkable mingling of ranks, but Aurelia believes this is a more effective way to achieve Boros ideals while still maintaining the rank system.


For the Boros, guildmage is a profession that merges religious devotion, arcane mastery, and military might. It is one of the highest ranks a non-angel can achieve in the Boros Legion. According to Boros tradition, guildmage is the only rank that may initiate contact with angels. However, Aurelia has recently relaxed this restriction, as she believes in effectiveness above historical precedent.



The army wing makes up the bulk of the Boros guild. It has a reputation of being devoted, effective, and merciless in defense of its ideals. Boros army roles include:


These are the first soldiers into combat. They're the elite marines of Boros specializing in assault and occupation.


Elemental soldiers made of fire who wear Boros armor. They fight with the rank and file but are also a focal point of valor for the soldiers—a sort of living banner to rally around.


Mounted Boros soldiers on rocs function as Ravnica's air force. They are well loved by most Ravnicans. Many have become near-celebrities, celebrated for their bravery and daring. They are counterparts to the Wojek League's Skyjeks.



This is the division of the Boros that enforces law and order. Wojeks protect property and the safety of citizens, and they investigate crimes and establish cases against criminals handed over to the Azorius. The League of Wojek is tasked with eliminating civil disorder, and its members function as peacemakers in crowded Ravnica. They also are expected to keep the peace between the guilds. To preserve order by any means necessary is the driving force behind the League of Wojek.


Skyjeks are counterparts to the Skyknight legionnaires. They ride rocs to patrol and are a frequent sight in the skies above Ravnica. They do not do investigative work and instead focus on patrolling and keeping the peace.


Aurelia assembled a special task force of advisors, each overseeing a theater. Each theater is a subdivision of the guild dedicated to a particular project valuable to the Boros.


Overseen by Commander Grozdan and headquartered in Kamen Fortress. The emphasis of this theater is to eliminate Rakdos assassins and spree killers.


Overseen by Advisor Tajic, First Guildmage of the Legion and headquartered in Sunhome. The emphasis of this theater is to collaborate with the Izzet to increase Boros weapons and battle effectiveness.


Overseen by Commander Grozdan and headquartered in Kamen Fortress. The emphasis of this theater is to eliminate Rakdos assassins and spree killers.


Overseen by Commander Yaszen and headquartered in Horizon Military Academy. The emphasis of this theater is to educate and conscript new recruits for the ever growing Boros Army.
"Practice compassion and mercy. But know when they must end."
— Aurelia

Boros Guildgate

Boros Guildgate by Titus Lunter

A typical Boros stronghold.



The Boros will send new membership to the Horizon Military Academy for training and education. There, you will find your life to be tempered with Boros discipline, devotion, and zeal. Your training will be deliberately harsh to weed out the uncommitted. The Boros offer Martial and Magical training, as well a combination of both to the particularly gifted.


New members are given a Boros insignia, a feather from an angel's wing, a tattered piece of a Boros banner (usually a souvenir from a famous battle), a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 200 sp.  


A member or close ally of Boros can requisition simple equipment for temporary use, and can gain access to any Boros garrison in Ravnica, where one can rest in safety and receive the attention of medics. Members are also paid a salary of 10 sp a week, combined with free lodging in one's assigned garrison.  



A freshly joined recruit. Consider yourself being watched at all times to make sure you get your tasks done, and to see if you are truly fit to be one with the Legion.


At this rank, you gain some authority over lower-ranking soldiers. When you undertake a mission on the guild's behalf that requires military strength, a squad of 1d4 soldiers accompanies and assists you for the duration of the mission. You also enjoy a salary increase of 25 sp a week.


Skyknights mounted on Skyjek rocs patrol the skies above Ravnica—a regular reminder of the Boros and their concern for justice. If you meet the prerequisites, you can become a skyknight, assuming no official objects. You are assigned a Skyjek roc to use as a mount when carrying out your guild responsibilities. Using the roc for personal matters is a significant violation of regulations.


If you meet the prerequisites, you can apply to join the elite soldiers of the Wojek League. This special order serves as a combination of military police and military intelligence, giving it a fair degree of independence within the guild. Its members scout the activities of other guilds to assess their military strength and predict potential threats, and they sometimes activate squads to defuse threats before they grow more serious. The Wojeks also help the angels root out spies and leaks within the legion. Secondarily, the Wojek League is responsible for policing the ranks of the legion. When members get carried away by their zeal and break the law or abuse their authority, the Wojeks take on the tasks of investigating, apprehending, and punishing the malefactors. Similarly, if members of the legion disappear (involuntarily or otherwise), Wojek agents are typically the ones called to investigate. You can be both a skyknight and a member of the Wojek League, gaining the title of Skyjek.


As a brigadier, you are responsible for missions and strategies that you can't execute entirely on your own or with the aid of a handful of soldiers. After receiving goals handed down from the captain above you, it's your job to figure out the tactics needed to accomplish those goals. You lead a brigade that consists of six squads, each made up of four soldiers commanded by a sergeant (use the soldier stat block to represent them). If you are also a skyknight, at least one of these squads is made up of other skyknights, which are soldiers mounted on Skyjek rocs. You can assign these squads to tasks of your choosing within the area of the city where you have authority. You can also lead these soldiers into battle yourself, or bring one squad and its sergeant with you on a guild mission.

At this rank, you gain a Boros charm at the start of each mission you undertake on the guild's behalf. You continue to receive a salary sufficient to maintain a modest lifestyle, but your quarters in the garrison are more spacious.


Members of the Sunhome Guard are responsible for the defense of Sunhome, the Boros guildhall in the Tenth District. Only those who have proven themselves in combat are selected to join this force. If you are accepted into the Sunhome Guard, your missions will be primarily defensive in nature. You might receive orders to find new ways to fortify the guildhall or to detect Dimir agents and other spies who try to gain access. Of course, given these chaotic times, you could end up defending Sunhome from an all-out attack by the Gruul or some other enemy force.


As a captain in the Boros Legion, you gain command of a small garrison and the responsibility for maintaining order and protecting people in part of a city district. You have four brigades under your command. Each brigade has six squads of five soldiers (including a sergeant) reporting to them. One additional squad of 2d4 soldiers is your personal retinue. You regularly receive communications from warleader angels who coordinate the efforts of the smaller garrisons. They keep you informed of the goals and concerns of the legion's mortal and angelic leaders and can help you address them. You are then responsible for giving orders to your brigadiers, and you must answer to your commander for the troops' success or failure in achieving the guild's strategic goals. As a captain, your salary allows you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle between adventures.


As a commander, you assume the leadership of one of the major garrisons of the Boros Legion: Kamen Fortress, Horizon Military Academy, or the great flying garrison called Parhelion II, which moves from place to place to deploy reinforcements to Boros troops around Ravnica. If you are already a member of the Sunhome Guard, you could instead be placed in command of that elite force, leading all the non-angelic forces of Sunhome. In this role, you are advised—and ordered around—by angels. You are in regular communication with Guildmaster Aurelia, who places you in charge of a major guild initiative. You might be tasked with improving recruitment, developing a plan for dealing with Dimir infiltration, or collaborating with the Izzet to develop new weaponry for Boros soldiers. You continue to draw a salary sufficient to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.


What the guild offers its more loyal and trusted members. Upon reaching that status, members may be given one of the following gifts.






Rules that members must adhere to.

Species and Races

Species and races typically associated with the Boros


Within the Boros, angels are considered to be incarnations of the spirit of justice and revenge. They are considered to be the top members of the guild, whose parun Razia is an angel herself. Razia created all other Boros angels as clones, reflections or copies of herself. They all lived in the floating hall called the Parhelion. Boros angels possess no need to drink, eat, or sleep, but can if it so pleases them. They have enhanced strength, a strong sense of duty and morality, and are supposedly incapable of lying. Boros angels can hear people calling their name from anywhere in Ravnica.


Passionate zealots loyal to the cause of the Boros Legion, these flame-kin are fire elementals that have been blessed by the Boros Angels. Flame-kin eventually dissipate, like wildfires without any oxygen or fuel, as their power and existence burn out when a battle or war is finished. Flame-kin are strengthened by magic; though formidable on their own, the application of enchantments grants them devastating power.


Giants are massive creatures resembling gigantic humans. Most are known for being dimwitted and violent. They are not to be confused with creatures from other races that by magical or artificial circumstances have grown to giant sizes.


Goblins proliferate on the city-plane of Ravnica, filling various functions within the guilds they populate. In the Boros Legion, they are expendable soldiers.


A race of semi-intelligent beasts that resemble a cross between a bird of prey (typically an eagle) and a large cat (typically a lion). Ravnican griffins were originally piscivores, who later adapted to hunting in the streets after Ravnicas oceans dried up. Several wild griffins now stalk the city and prey on those not able to defend themselves. The Boros use them as mounts and the Azorius are known to feed lawbreakers to them. These griffins develop a resistance to magic. Griffins are also among the Golgari Swarm's teratogens.


The most prevalent species in Ravinca. They are four-limbed bipedal primates of the mammalian class.


Minotaurs are humanoid bull creatures, which stand on two hooves and have bovine snouts and horns. Some minotaurs have a more goat- or antelope-like appearence. Finding their homes in mountainous regions of the multiverse, minotaurs are fierce in combat and often very prideful. Some minotaurs have four fingers (with two thumbs), while other have more human-like hands. The Ordruun minotaurs of Ravnica have vowed allegiance to the Boros Legion and the Wojeks. Orduun minotaurs perform the "Hammer Duty" and have a power band in the legion of 13. They are the peace keepers of the communities, by handling menial tasks, like domestic disturbances, transferring of prisoners, and upholding the Laws of Ravnica.


Rocs are humongous birds. The Boros use them as flying mounts for the Boros Legion.


The Viashino are typically depicted as intelligent bipedal humanoid lizard-folk descended from dragons, over whom they exert some power. The savage Viashino possess lean but muscular builds and can be agile, quick, and vicious when necessary.

Foreign Relations

Azorius Senate

"Legalistic, arrogant pontificators who use law as a weapon to wield power they don't deserve."

Culk of Rakdos

"Immoral rats who need to be exterminated for the good of the community."

Gruul Clans

"Lost souls who haven't been exposed to true righteousness but will embrace Boros ideals if provided the right opportunity."

Selesnya Conclave

"While their devotion to their community is noble, they are mistaken about what a perfect society should look like."

Orzhov Syndicate

"Selfish pretenders with no sense of justice or righteousness."

Izzet League

"As long as their spellcraft is controlled, it can be beneficial to society."

House Dimir

"Immoral snakes who need to be exterminated for the good of the community."

Golgari Swarm

"An unfortunate guild that serves a necessary function for the good of all."

Simic Combine

"A wasteful guild preoccupied with arcane, meaningless experimentation."

"Have you ever held a Boros signet? There's a weight to it that belies its size — a weight of strength and of pride."

Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles


Skills held important by the organization which it both teaches and may require as part of the promotion process.

Standard Skills

Athletics, Brawn, Endurance, First Aid, Insight, Perception, Ride

Professional Skills

Engineering, Healing, Language (Any), Literacy, Lore (Military Tactics), Oratory, Track

Combat Styles

Combat Style Beast Rider
Combat Style SwiftBlade
Combat Style Boros Formation

Boros Fighting Style
A Boros fighting style


Magic related to, or often times exclusive to a particular guild which can be taught to members for a small fee. Not all spells are available right away, many might be reserved for more skilled, loyal, and/or trusted members.

Folk Magic

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Heal (FM)


Boros allows the use of Ancestor Spirits, Elemental Spirits(Fire), and Guardian Spirits.



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Augment Athletics
Augment Combat Style
Invoke Awareness (Magic)
Invoke Divine Skill Single Flash
Invoke Instant Reflex
Invoke Shukuchi
Enhance Movement Rate
Enhance Strike Rank

Minotaur's Strength

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Augment Brawn
Augment Endurance
Augment Combat Style
Invoke Fortress
Invoke Limit Breaker
Invoke Pain Control
Enhance Damage Modifier
Enhance Hit Points

Voice of Aurelia

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Augment Influence
Augment Oratory
Augment Insight
Invoke Aura (X) (Bravery)
Invoke Featherlight
Invoke Indomitable
Invoke Sense Weakness
Invoke Showdown Declaration


Flame's Reach

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Animate (Substance) (Fire)
Bybass Armor
Neutralize Magic
Protective Ward
Sculpt (Substance) (Fire)
Wrack (Substance or Harm) (Searing Flame)

Militant Justice

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Diminish (Characteristic) (STR)
Neutralize Magic
Transfer Wound
Trap Soul

Shield of Aurelia

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Abjure (Substance/Process) (Pain)
Damage Resistance
Enhance (Characteristic) (CON)
Protective Ward
Spell Resistance


Heliod, God of the Sun

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Bless Crops
Clear Skies
Elemental Summoning (Fire Elemental)
Heal Wound
Sacred Band

Iroas, God of Victory

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Cure Malady
Dismiss Magic
Heal Wound
Lay to Rest

Hazoret, God of Zeal

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Heal Wound
True (Weapon)
Boros Soldier
A Boros high ranking soldier

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