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Precinct Two

The second of six precincts in the Tenth District. Many professionals live here in clean and orderly neighborhoods, in the shadow of Prahv, while mob bosses coerce residents in order to enrich themselves and influence local politics.   Small houses, modest apartments, and commercial shops are sprinkled through Precinct Two, a place that law enforcement officers, lawyers, retired soldiers, and well-off working families call home. Corner shops cater to everyday needs, and many establishments are run by ex-soldiers. Streets are kept tidy, and buildings are maintained to be serviceable. Under the precinct's urbane veneer, tension simmers between law officers and the opportunistic crime families who call this precinct home.   The folk who live in this precinct believe in performing civic duties, conforming to their roles, and maintaining strong friendships and family ties. Good neighbors show respect to one another and enjoy competing among themselves to achieve greater successes.


  • Precinct Two
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