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Precinct One

The first of six precincts in the Tenth District. It is the hub of the wealthy and powerful, where courtly games and espionage play out among visitors gawking at the impressive architecture.   The grandeur of Precinct One is the heart of Ravnica's civilization, and visitors gawk at the impressive architecture and rub shoulders with the rich and powerful. Immaculately maintained avenues and manicured gardens create an impression of order, civility, and high culture. During the day, the streets are filled with tourists, government officials, diplomats, and wealthy merchants and financiers. At night, most of Precinct One is quiet, with a few lit carriages drawn by constructs and well-groomed beasts making their way to exclusive nightclubs and restaurants.   The people who live in this precinct are accustomed to having high-quality goods and spending a lot of leisure time in social engagements. Neighbors are politte and affable towards others of their station, but gossip is quite common and accepted.


  • Map of Precinct One
Alternative Name(s)
Guildpact Precinct
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