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Precinct Six

The sixth of six precincts in the Tenth District. In these hardscrabble neighborhoods, the working folk eke out a living by toiling at warehouses, docks, and factories controlled by callous employers. When night comes, the residents hide indoors to avoid becoming prey to creatures that stalk the darkness.   Large warehouses, major thoroughfares, and nondescript worker tenements make the utilitarian Precinct Six a hub of activity for shipping, storage, and other mercantile concerns in the Tenth District. Wide cobblestone streets allow for the passage of beasts and constructs that transport raw goods from points beyond the Tenth and for the shipping of manufactured materials back to those locations. The demands of commerce keep the area constantly active, and the inconspicuous nature of the warehouses makes them popular as rendezvous points for all sorts of transactions, legal and illicit. At night, lurking undead and the horrors of the Undercity, coming up from Deadbridge Chasm, keep wary citizens indoors, while a few people who deal in sinister magic seek the monsters out for nefarious purposes.   People who live in this working-class precinct are often practical-minded and thus tolerant of some degree of illicit activity. Being a good neighbor means keeping to yourself, unless you live in the Smelting Quarter, where the atmosphere is much more raucous.


  • Map of Precinct Six

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