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Tenth District

The Tenth District is a sprawling place, serving as the official center of the city of Ravnica. It is one of the only exposed areas of Ravnica’s original surface of any significant size; the site is actually the top of a mountain. At street level, it is flat, solid ground where many important halls and monuments are located. It is divided into six precincts.


  • Map of Tenth District

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30 Nov, 2020 07:08

Your description of the tenth district is actually (with the exception of the last sentence) the description of a District named "The Center." Which sits in the center of all the districts which denote the area of the old city of Ravnica, before it merged with the adjacent cities into one super-city.   The Tenth district actually has none of the surface of the planet exposed. Even the undercity still usually has portions of the city under it. "The Center" is the city's official center of the city, and is the site of the original Guildpact signing. The Tenth District is the city's UNOFFICIAL center because all the guilds maintain a head quarters here, and most of the guild leaders physically live here. This is a total coincidence to it being named the Tenth District and their being ten guilds. There is no correlation between guilds and districts and numbering. All guild maintain some presence in all districts.

30 Nov, 2020 07:09