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Precinct Three

The third of six precincts in the Tenth District. In the Greenbelt, nature has encroached into the urban environment to varying degrees, and folk here provide bountiful sustenance and domesticated beasts for most of the district.   Ample parks, busy stables, and large gardens combine to create a vibrant environment in Precinct Three. Natural and urban life intermingle throughout the precinct, and the people who reside here view it as a respite from most other places in the Tenth District. Folk here tend to live simply, and generations of families have dwelt in the same structures for hundreds of years. During the day, the gardens, small pastures, and stables are tended by young and old. Evenings are given over to communal gatherings, sometimes featuring performances by trained beasts or storytelling.   The people of Precinct Three are comfortable with living around nature. They have no problems with pets or beastly companions sharing their space as well as residing in multifamily structures. Good neighbors help tend to plants, animals, and children whenever necessary.


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