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Precinct Four

The fourth of six precincts in the Tenth District. Constantly in a state of turmoil, the scarred streets are a proving ground for soldiers and marauders alike. Visitors here had best be spoiling for a fight.   Few days or nights pass quietly in Precinct Four. The frequent din of battle as Boros soldiers guard against Gruul marauders, the strange sounds of volatile magic emanating from Izzet experiments, and the occasional explosive flare-ups of goblin gang wars keep the precinct a dynamic and dangerous place. Its buildings include ramshackle tenements damaged by conflict, impregnable fortresses and laboratories, and bustling markets filled with merchants ready to defend themselves and their wares.   The people of Precinct Four are always ready for a fight. Being able to defend oneself and adapting to change are the most important qualities in this precinct. Good neighbors are your battle mates when you're fighting for your home or your life.


  • Map of Precinct Four

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