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The Rose Room

"You ever notice that the Rose Room seems to just get...more pink?"
"Yeah but that's like...normal, innit?"
"How is it normal for a building to get more pink?"
"Dunno, same way it's normal for the river to flood I guess."
— Unknown

An Eclectic Environment

  Sitting between two warehouses in a corner of the Rookery sits a pink house. It sits there peacefully, not bothering anyone in particular. Its roof, broken only by a few chimneys, is covered in tar shingles drooping ever so slightly over the road in front of it. Its four storey walls are filled with a strange assortment of windows of various shapes and sizes, some of which are open, some of which are closed, and all of which have flowerbeds sitting just underneath them, filled with all manners of flowers. Right in the middle of the the wall, about where you would walk into it, is a soft pink door.   It's a welcoming sort of door, the kind of door one would expect to open and have your loved ones crowded behind it waiting to greet you. Beside it, in front of a sign that reads "The Rose Room", hangs a thin rope with a wooden handle tied to the end of it and a note that says "Pull me".   Should you be able to enter this pink house, you will be greeted by stacks of books, a myriad of statuettes, paintings, and bundles of notes that you have to traverse to even see the entrance hall. A well used library sits off to one side of the hall, filled with more books than the shelves can hold and more chairs that one would ever need. Beside it lies a massive tube of thick, green tinged glass, within which swims hundreds of fish and seems to go throughout the entirety of the house.   The rest of the ground floor is filled with lounges, strange metal tools, and tables ranging from iron to glass, seemingly without much reason to where they are placed. Each one of them is covered in some object or another, almost as if there are many, many projects going on all at once.  

The Strangest Staircase

  Throughout the rest of the house, able to be visited by use of the large, somewhat wiggly in layout, but not in build quality, staircase, you can find nearly a dozen bedrooms, almost the same number of bathrooms, and several more lounge areas. Some bedrooms have been altered to be more comfort dens, piled high with pillows, blankets, throw rugs, lounges, and other such items. The lounge areas can only be described as unique, each of them filling a presumably necessary hole in the purpose of rooms within the house. A few are fitted for use as actual lounges, others are fitted to be used as a billiard room, an archery range, or the occasional music hall.   Where the stairs go up, however, they also go down. Within the basement of the Rose Room sits kitchen, with a large, metal door, behind which all the food that can be kept cool for longevity sits. The benchtops are solid timber on wrought iron frames, and much like the ground floor of the house, are covered in every manner of metal instrument. In this particular room, however, they are all a sort of cooking implement, from knives to whisks, from pots to pans.   If you look upon the Rose Room and are certain of anything, it would be that its owner is a very interesting person indeed, and their house is not just a house, but a home. A rather manic home, but a home nonetheless.
House, Large
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