Moustache Mead

"You ever try some of that... what's it called? Goatee grog?"
— Unknown

Brewed in the Bowery

  Founded in recent years by Michael Ketal, affectionately known as Kettle, the brews that have come out of this treasure of Turnhaven have become a welcome delight.   The story of Moustache Mead starts with a dream of a farmhand who worked at orchards. After being around many different fruits and spices, he had the desire to utilize their flavours in a way that no one had before by mixing them with mead and creating stunning new tastes for the world. Despite this desire, there was no one willing to take him seriously in their own approaches to creating their drinks, and time after time Kettle was refused employment.   He continued on nonetheless and eventually a friend of his lent him a room of his warehouse basement to use as a workplace to get up and running. After a couple of years of struggling to find the right recipes, back-breaking work to afford equipment, and dozens of times where the effort didn't seem worth it for what Kettle was trying to achieve, Moustache Mead was born.  

Down in the Day to Day

  The large warehouse on the edge between the Bowery and the Docks of Turnhaven that bears the sign of Moustache Mead, with its roof of tarred wood, walls of rough hewn stone and thick, sturdy logs, is rarely quiet. Few days of the year can it be seen without steam and smoke rising from its chimneys, fragances of the latest flavour trials drifting down the roads, inticing all who walk by it to stop for a moment and breathe them in, taking them to a time and place in their life long past.   On any given day, dozens of barrels come out of the warehouse and get sent to many of the taverns that have chosen to stock their brand, as well as to private buyers who wish to have some in their own homes.   To this day there are those who don't believe that the flavours brought to life in the drinks of Moustache Mead have any place in the world, however where once they were loud they have since become quiet, behind the evergrowing chorus of approval for the brewery.
Brewery / Winery
Parent Location
The drink may be quick to go but the good times are here to stay.
  • Crimson Teacup
  • Brandy Butterfly
  • Tulip Forest
  • Seaborn Oak
  • Misty Berry
  • Jumping Rivers
  • Hillside Spice
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    Jun 20, 2022 19:17

    Whoah, those mead flavours sound super interesting. Kettle's perseverance clearly yielded great results. ^^   Keep up the good work! :D

    Jun 21, 2022 05:27 by Andrew

    Glad you liked it! I had fun coming up with a short list of flavours