The Serenater

In the beginning, There was the The Abyssal Realms. And from these realms came the great demons, the devils, and yugoloths that terrorized each other, and all creation eternally. From the depths of the demon pits, came Lolth, the goddess of spiders and the drow. She ensured the survival of her species on this realm, by creating the drow, and letting them roam free upon the world. She found that the drow she created here were more civilized than other incarnations of her species, and she had far less control over them that she did in other realities she had chosen.

Quickly, Lolth sent a messenger to Aerilum, the god of elves, questioning why she had less command over her people. But lolth recived no response. In retaliation, Lolth destroyed entire cities of elves until her drow were forced underground from the remaining elves throughout the world. Lolths power was indeed absolute, but she needed more. She gave the drow secrets of poison, of the vermin of the world, and the tools they needed to run amok throughout the shadows of the earth. The caves, and twisted corridors of Grott.

Yet Lolth still did not find the power she sought. She could not grow her ranks fast enough, could not enforce her rule cruely enough. And so, she made a declaration. All at once, every drow alive heard her prophecy.

"Three shall rise from the darkness. Three shall fall from the sky. Those shall be the new gods of the drow, and all of your spirits will join me. But not until this reality has long been destroyed."

Upon these commands, Lolth left the world of Pondera, and left the Drow to their own devices. Wars quickly erupted throughout Grott, and after a few short years, Lolths chosen champions revealed themselves. First came the goddess of Virmin. From the far reaches of Grott to the west, beneath the sandy deserts came the goddess Calpa. Similar to Lolth, she became the leader of the drow throughout the world, and ruled over them, an all virmin with an iron fist.

Second came Faramaca, who at one point was held under the darkest depths of the world, chained and held in place, for what was to be eternity. But she survived a hundred years on her own, supposedly her silver tounge can perform the most impressive of deceptions, and nearly bend realtiy to her will with but a single word.

From the large influx of infighting came two more deities for The Serenater. Cismia, the goddess of slavery and law, and her servant, Angebri, considered the most diabolical of any male within Grott ever to have existed. Together, they rain blood down upon their enemies and command vast legions of Demons and Drow alike.

In response for a male becoming a deity alongside his female, Irismia rose to power, and regularly combats the ideologies of Angebri, as the two are sworn rivals to one another. It is said that they fight for dominion throughout Grott, in one of the numerous drow societies beneath the earth.

The final deity was chosen nearly 200 years ago, by the name of Zabris, the goddess of Self Preservation. It was found that she became a lich after sacrificing nearly an entire city to become immortal. Though this was an impressive feat in of itself, they than proceeded to supplant them self into the leadership of a hundred cities of drown, and taking a large swath of land with them. No one is sure if Zabris has finally died, but the monstrous stories of the tales they perform still get told to children to teach them antecedents of law within their society.

Allthough each deity was chosen by this point, there was a single sobering source of hope for the drow. Long before lolth left her place in the world was said to be the first drow born deity of the realm. Linucem was a Szarkai, born to the high priestess of lolth herself, and was considered a major blessing upon the city. People flocked to see this miracle, and many a would-be assassin was stopped in her name, to try and cut the power balance from the high priestess before it was too late.

Linucem was a strange one among the drow. Naturally curious as a child, her elders tried their best to remove this curiosity and implant fear and hatred of the outside world. But she questioned their teachings, and upon reaching the age of adulthood, ran to find her way to see what the outside world had to offer.

Before she made her exit, Linucem was approached by an aspect of lolth, and told simply, "If you leave this place, I will end you, for the gift you refuse upon your species. Obey me, or suffer." It was then, that a lone man witnessed this mere child of lolth, walk directly past her, and to the outside. This started the cult of Linucem, and allthough she was never found after this time, it is said she may still survive to this day, living among the elves as an equal, instead of a spy. The idea of Linucem is completely toxic to the rest of drow society, and those found worshiping her are executed, and their information about her burnt to a crisp. Linucem however, is untouched by the hatred of the spider queen, and her six replacements. She is the goddess of Freedom and acceptance in the world.

"Be what you fear."

Founding Date
Poviott 9th, 16
Religious, Pantheon
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