The Pact Absolute

Signed into existence at nearly the beginning of time itself, the Pact Absolute was written to give clear authority over the forces of both good and evil in the realms of the afterlife. Though the creation is shrouded in myth and mis-judgement over the milenia, the pact itself is as absolute as the gods themselves.


The Pact Absolute was created in order to keep evil out of the heavens, and keep the infinite forces of the abyss at bay against reality itself. The legions of devils would be conscripted to fight back the infinite hordes, and in return, they laid total access to the river styx, and the souls who appear upon it.

Document Structure


  • Glossary of terms
  • Creation of the Infernium
  • Designation of the Afterlife
  • Signatories
  • Addendums

Historical Details


Thanks to a secion about Addendums, the Pact Absolute does not require all signatories to be present to call for a vote, as the voting was never explicitly stated. Instead, Addendums were added after the total amount of souls collected in Infernum was greater than that of all the heavens combined. At that point, they started issuing addendums. This was because for each devil collected, it was assigned as a representative of the hells.

Manuscript, Religious
Vellum / Skin
Signatories (Organizations)


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