Zasslic the Seven

The true gods of "Evil." Zasslic travels freely along infernum, in order to understand the scope of all that is truely evil. They bring about chaos for those who scorn them, and bring nothing but the pinacle of happiness in this life for those that worship them. Zasslic is both a singular entity of sin, and a mini pantheon of true "Evil."


Within Zasslic, there are but seven members of the pantheon. Sumil, leader of the pantheon also holds the title of "King of Hell" and commands all underneeth him in the pantheon. Alongside him is his sister, Ansita, the goddess of wrath, and arguably the most powerful of Zasslic. Below these two are Mulor and Zesilla, the arcane specialist and weaponsmith of Zasslic. They too hold great power, but not nearly as much as their superiors. For the third ranking, there is Clearah and Diodem, the goddess of lust and god of greed respectively. Clearah is known as the great spymaster and seductress, who teaches the legions of devils underneeth her how to convince mortals to sell their souls for an eternity in hell. Diodem is the great tradesman of Zasslic, and supplies contracts throughout all mortal and divine realms. And finally, the lowest ranked of Zasslic, yet the most feared in some circles who know of their power is Venia, a deity of absolute hunger and gluttony, who is capable of eating anything in order to destroy it.

Public Agenda

If you belive in the teachings of non-heretical scholars and clergies, Zasslics primary goal is the corruption of mortal souls to reside within Infernium for eternity. For those clerics who believe and promote their teachings, the worship of zasslic is more about self reliance, acceptance, and love before others.

Mythology & Lore

Because Zasslic is a heretical pantheon within pondera, most attribute their creation to the story ofVinichis' First Steps. This tale accounts supposedly for all but the first deity, Sumil, and their creation. Sumil is supposedly as old as the gods themselves, or were created from the innate pride of the elves of their skills upon the creation of Aerilum, created in the vast bleakness of the abyss, forcing himself to fight against the demonic horde.

At the same time, somehow, due to the arrival of dragons upon the world, came into being Ansita, the goddess of wrath and war. Upon their creation, they merged together and found their powers, their divinity, and status therof were merged forever. They made a deal with each other, Sumil to help find the way to escape, and Ansita to fight her way out of the hordes. This was the first instance of the blood war to be found in the cosmos.

After escaping from the abyssal hordes in bulk, the arrival of the third god, Diodem, merged into their forms after the glimmer of gold caught the greed of the god king of dwarves, Olänn. Diodem did not know much, but what he did understand was law, above all else, unlike the other two who had only known chaos beforehand. From there, Diodem began to plot with the other two on gaining their divine rights. His pride before him on Diodem, he desired the knowledge that Diodem posessed, and inadvertantly created Mulor, who joined with them as well. And allthough he was toxic to the other three, they delt with him, and found his prowess over magic overwhelming. Mulor desired a realm to call his own, and began molding the earth of the first layer of the abyss itself to his whims.

It was than that a great river flooded between the realm that Mulor was creating, and the abyssal realms themselves, giving a definitive gap between the two realms from which the gods could defend. Down this river however, came Tempri Ino, said to have been there even before the gods themselves came to the realm, his power was all but absolute. He warned them of meddling in affairs without the permission of the gods, and asked them to seek council with the divines.

Heeding his words, Zasslic had stopped to pause, and think about the possibilities, taking Diodems plans more seriously. During this time, the first mortal elves were made, one man, and one woman, and upon looking at each other for the first time, Clearah came into being, and joined the ranks of Zasslic together. Clerarah knew not much during her first few years, but what she did know was what was impassioned in the hearts of mortals and the divine, what they desired most in the world. Using this knowledge, she found that the divine were starting to fear the hordes of the abyss, and started upon the creation of Angels in order to fight against the chaos.

Zasslic together saw the destruction of the blood war, and found that angels began to turn towards evil desires during this time. Even more so, great numbers of souls started to appear upon the rocks of the great river, which is known today as the River Styx, and were consumed by the infinite horde to augment their power.

Zasslic as always continued to plan, yet it was interrupted as always by Vinichis' travels. His creation of the halfling god Taganum, had birthed into existance the final two of Zasslic. Venia and Zasilla came into being, and yet again, the plan was retold and re-informed.

Zasslic came upon the gods themselves and pointed out the flaws within the world. Devils were praying on the weak, taking over the hellgates themselves and pouring out, devouring their newfound followers. The angels they created were becoming poisoned by the blood of so many fallen foes, to where they bring devils back, and torture them for information on the lower layers of the abyss, yet many died before it became known. This lead to endless screams of torment on the divine realms, to which sickened and disturbed all but Balcorra, who enjoyed the chaos and defilement more than he spoke.

Zasslic offered an option. They would take the angels who were falling from the side of good. Offer a place for evil to rest, and fight the infinite hordes themselves, command the entirity of their realms, and the permission to build the realms as needed. It was than that Sumil offfered the divines the choice, and brought before them The Pact Absolute to sign. Eager to fix all of their issues in one fell motion, the gods accepted his deal, and the leader of each pantheon signed the pact, save for Calpricus himself, who was deceased at that time, with his wife signing for the rest of them.

With the pact signed, Zasslic created the entirity of Infernum, and set down an army to fight off the demonic hordes. However, with the pact created, and minions aplenty, a revolution awoke within the devils under Asmodeus, and overthrew Zasslic in its entirity, and for untold millenia they ruled with an iron fist.

Defeated, and licking their wounds, Zasslic hatched yet another plan to get the divinity they so belived they deserved. After being overthrown, they were locked on the layer of Creastatis within Infernum and called out to Balcorra, god of destruction in subtle ways, using the innate magics of Mulor, and the powers of Clearah to woo any man, they tricked Balcorra to come for them. At which point, gluttony ate the head of Balcorra, and vanquished the god forever. Zasslic consumed the power of Balcorra, made their way back to Asmodeus and re-claimed their rightful throne, re-empowered hell, and kept all devils under their direct thumb.

Now Zasslic rules over hell, and with that, the devil army of over six hundred billion strong, ready to fight the endless demonic hordes.

Cosmological Views

As this pantheon is an offshoot of The Pondarac Pantheon as the gods of sin, they belie that the creation of the world was truely formed through the infighting between the immortal gods at the beginning of the world until balance was achieved. The full story detailed on the pantheons page.

Tenets of Faith

Zasslic promotes the freedom of ones self do do as they desire. Faithful worshipers are promised an easier time in hell vs the torments that are promised to those who lie to their gods, and sin without repentance nor mercy. Otherwise, they ask no tribute, no sacrifice, only for loyalty to ones self.


Because this religion is heracy, priesthoods are always cults of like minded people who happen to pass by one another, believing in the same cause. From those that gather, a single member will usually rise to become a priest, or a cleric, and give advice to those who wish to seek it as a spiritual councelor. Only those who truely embrace the sin they represent are given access to the divine powers they seek.

Nos peccatum per se perfectum

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Devil Gods, Demon Kings, Lords of Sin, Heracy
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