"There is a fine line between a demon and a devil. For demons, they are simple. They see something, and they do everything they can to fight it, destroy it, or corrupt it as quickly as possible. There is no true friend or kinship with a demon, and they kill without a second thought, nor without a hint of remorse. The average devil however, is your closest friend. A companion that might just be genuine with their care of you, helps you in times of need, and when all things are said and done, a devil only wants a simple thing you can't keep track of anyway. This makes a devil more dangerous than any demon could ever hope to be, and if you agree to deal with the devil, know that the devil will always get his due."

~Ancient wisdom on the topic of devils. Source unknown.

Considered the most conniving and dangerous species in the cosmos, Devils are under the supervision of Zasslic the Seven in the realm of Infernium where they fight the great war between the cosmos itself, and the infinite demonic hordes. Numbering in over half a trillion in number, its a surprise that they haven't come to the prime material plane to invade. However, they cannot because of a strict set of laws set in place by the The Pact Absolute.

List of Devils in Magnitude of Promotable Power

  1. Lemure
  2. Imp
  3. Merrigon; Advespa
  4. Spinnagon
  5. Narzugon; Barbazu
  6. Bueroza; Kyton
  7. Amnizu; Falxugon; Excruciarch
  8. Orthon
  9. Osyluth
  10. Hamatula; Dogai
  11. Gelugon
  12. Cornugon
  13. Paeliryon
  14. Pit Fiend

List of Unique Types of Devils By Magnitude of Danger

  1. Kalabon
  2. Nupperibo
  3. Abashi
  4. Hellcat
  5. Erinyes
  6. Brachina
  7. Malebranche
  8. Xerfilstyx

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