Also known as a barbed Devil, this creature looks like a tall humanoid covered with sharp barbs, right down to the tip of its long, meaty tail. Its eyes shift and dart about, making it appear agitated or nervous.

Basic Information


LIke many other humanoids, the barbed devil has two legs, two arms, but also includes a tail and sharp, barb covered skin all over its body.

Growth Rate & Stages

Effected entirely by its promotion or demotion, usually a Hamatula might be its largest just before its promotion or demotion to another devil type.

Ecology and Habitats

Found throughout all of Infernium without issue. Usually they guard the lairs of more advanced devils than themselves. However, since they have technical immortality, they require no need to eat or sleep, so they can exist anywhere.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Hamatula have no need to eat, but it does enjoy eating meat primarily, usually scraped together from the souls it torments.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Capable of seeing in even magical darkness, it is hard to escape from a Hamatula who wishes you dead.


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