Also known as a bearded devil, these devils form the shock troops of the Devil legions, spearheading attacks by masses of Lemures. Between wars they find employment in Infernium as guards and setinals for more powerful devils. Every bearded devil caries a saw toothed glaive.

Basic Information


Barbazu always have pointed ears, with moist scaly skin akin to that of a lizard. Also like that of a lizard it has a long thick tail, with clawed hands with 6 fingers, and clawed feet with only 3 digits. Barbazu are also known as "Bearded Devils" due to the snaky, prodding grey beard it has upon its face.

Growth Rate & Stages

Similar to other devils, bearded devils are promoted and demoted as per their status in society and how useful they are to other devils among higher ranks. Usually if left unpromoted, a bearded devil can grow to huge sizes, over 8 feet tall, and be extremely deadly upon the battlefield.

Average Height
Average Weight


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