Known as the lowest form of Devilkind, a Lemure is a heaping mass of flesh that obeys any orders given to it by a more intelligent devil. Lemures will usually stay at this level unless promoted by another devil.

Basic Information


It has a human-shaped head and torso, but its body is a shapeless mass below the waist. A permanent expression of anguish twists across its face.

Genetics and Reproduction

Lemures are produced in numerous ways, but never through reproduction. Lemures can spawn naturally from the swamps of Gulantium where they are most prolific. In addition, souls that are tortured long and hard enough by devils can become Lemures through sheer force of will to be mindless enough to avoid the eternity of torture. Finally, Lemures can happen from a devil being demoted to a lemure, though this is not very commonplace.

Growth Rate & Stages

The more a lemure destroys, the more powerful they become. Lemures who time and time again prove themselves in battle can even become promoted if a higher ranked devil needs a more intelligent conscript. They than become imps in most cases.

Ecology and Habitats

Lemures are most commonly found in Infernium unless participating in the blood war agains the demonic hordes in The Abyssal Realms in general. More often, one will find them in Gulantium as they are said to naturally spawn from the swamps and soul infused soil there.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like other devils, Lemures do not need to eat, however, once they destroy a target, some of the more intelligent lemures will absorb or consume the corpses to gain more power.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Like other devils, Lemures posess the capability to see in any darkness, even deeper darkness, without issue.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Lemures have a purely symbiotic relationship with other devils, as since they cannot think for themselves, other devils must give them orders to do what is neccessary. Lemures being at the bottom of the totem pole of devil society also shows this on a regular basis in Infernium .


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