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The Blink in Blink N Wing


by Pexels
Greywall Manor has stood for centuries, teaching a modest number of humble yet brilliant students in the art of Wizardry.   The training of flinx dogs as wizarding assistants has always been considered eccentric amongst most wizards, an attitude that frustrated Bamph as it reduced the pools of wizards for him to try and choose to bond with.
Bamph loved growing up at Greywall Manor and the grand estate that surrounded it. There were woodlands, gardens, and riding paths he adventured on during the first year of his puppyhood. In between his boisterous bouts of chasing squirrels and bunnies, he attended puppy training where he learned proper manners. When he turned one year, he and his litter became their training.   The first study was knowing the various types of components needed for casting spells was a vital part of being a wizard's assistant. Where to find them and how to preserve them was also important. The second study a flinx dog needed to achieve was the Artistry. These are minor spells that require the simplest components that can be found everywhere and are such things as dust, grass, and water. The most vital of these spells is Far Hands, which allows a flinx dog to move and manipulate objects. With this spell, a dog can mix ingredients, write with pen and ink, open doors and containers, and a myriad of other tasks that require hands which a flinx dog does not have.


By the time Bamph reached four years old, he was ready to test for graduation, which was conducted once a year. He breezed through the difficuklt series of test flawlessly, something a rare few flinx did. Most failed their first two or even three tries at graduation. In celebration, there was a grand ceremony where his true Greywall Medallion was placed on his collar at the High Table before the entire body of students, trainers, and professors. Until then, it was only the flinx trainers who could understand him.
by geralt
Made by the Beilacia Family of Neziks, this medallion translates a flinx dog's "dog-speak" into the spoken language of the nearest sapient species.
These medallions are given only to the flinx dogs at Greywall Manor and only when a pup is old enough to begin their schooling.
With a medallion at his collar, Bamph has great confidence when mingling with "speaking peoples".
After his medallion ceremony, Bamph was excited to meet the graduating wizards and hoped to feel a bond to one of them. To his surprise, he did not feel anything. This at first saddened him, but the trainers assured him that this was fairly common. As the years passed, though, Bamph continued to not find his wizard. Even the older wizards who occasionally returned to Greywall to find another flinx companion when their previous dog had died never sparked a bond. Over the years, Bamph became a trainer of puppy flinx dogs. He was the trainer of proper manners. At the age of fourteen, the academy decided he would go along on the annual trek for the Purple Peppers of Madura.
The Isles of Madura are home to the Javani, a highly territorial folk with strict customs on travel and trade for their sacred purple peppers.   Learning these customs is vital for the new wizards, their flinx dogs, and Bamph.   Failing to learn them could lead to banishment from the bazaars or, worse, put to death by the Javani.
For centuries, these islands were a coveted and highly protected secret of the Bardigans who traveled here using the Gateways. Since the loss of these Gateways three years ago, the Bardigans were forced to reveal the location of the isles to others so they could return. With only the humans and gnomes having capable sailing ships, the Isles of Madura turned into a place of wild magical trading bazaars. It has become vital for Greywall Manor to introduce the newly graduated wizards and their flinx dogs to these bazaars and the Purple Pepper trade.
The AIS Hickory Horizon was a fine Amurin-made schooner.   Every year it took the graduating wizards to the Isles of Madura.   With the students from Greywall came their Flinx dogs.   Bamph was one of them and he hoped to find a wizard to bond with.
Bamph was quick to learn and helped the younger flinx dogs learn as well. He traveled to the bazaaars, visiting with every wizard he could find. The more he searched, the more he failed. This saddened Bamph and he went about with a constant droop. The trainers tried their best to assure him that someday he would find his wizard, but they did not sound very convincing even to themselves. Then, on the day before they were scheduled to sail back home, a terrible storm blew in ...

Who Are Blink N Wing?

Bamph is a fourteen year old Flinx Dogwhich is a sapient dog that lives about seventy-five years. Born into a kennel at the Greywall Manor, he was educated with the other pups to serve as a companion to a graduated wizard.
Bamph's mastery of the Flinx, which allows him to teleport up to thirty feet as long as he can see where he wants to go, is impressive amongst his fellow dogs... until he gets stressed. Then, things oftimes go awry!
Kipess is a thirty-five year old Nisslingfrom Hidey-Hidey Lair in the swampy region called The Thrundank. He moved on to the mighty city of Miribex. There he played his bonewhistle and did a variety of odd jobs until he gathered enough coins to attend Opal Magpie Bardic College and became the first Nissling bard.

Bamph shook the rain off his fur and wagged his tail at the clear patch of calm sky above. It was a relief from the whipping wind and rushing rain. People pointed to a dark wall of clouds moving ever closer and his tail drooped as he realized the storm was not done. Snorting at the sky, Bamph joined the trainers, wizards, and other dogs in rescuing folks from under huts collapsed by the storm.   With a bark, Bamph grabbed a piece of thatch.   "I help," his collar dutifully translated as he began to pull it towards the pile the Javani had started. For nearly an hour, everyone toiled with wary eyes always glancing at the sky.   The storm wall moved closer, its howling winds and darkness promising to do more damage.
Despite this, Javani stood admiring the totem lattice that had somehow remained standing after the medicine croaker's hut had collaped on it.   "Noooooossssss!" A sudden and strange hissing shout sounded from the sky above.   Looking up, Bamph saw a tumble of featherless wings and a tail flailing as it fell with a crash into the totem lattice and both collapsed in a heap. The pile moved and shuddered.   A three foot tall figure stood up. The wee dragon folk, better known as a nissling, wiped torn fronds from his face then slid dark-lensed goggles up away from his eyes.   A jolt of wonder went through Bamph as he met those strange yellow eyes. Magic?   "I'ms Kipess." Those dragon eyes looked back with a friendly gaze.
The jolt intensified into a wonderous feeling that set all his fur to standing on end and his heart pounding with delight. This one should be his wizard!   "I am Bamph. You will be my wizard!" The delighted dog's collar translated in Nissling.   "What'ss?" The nissling asked, scratching an ear.   "Defiler!" The medicine croaker shouted in outrage, interrupting the bonding moment. "Kill it!"   "Oh nooosss!" Kipess yelped as the Javani, always eager to slay, drew their blades.   "Run!" Bamph barked through his collar. "To the trees!"   "Bamph! No!" A trainer commanded but she spoke too late as Bamph raced into the jungle right behind Kipess.
~~and so begins the first adventure of Blink N Wing~~

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