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Bristol of Blackstone

Bristol's Public Life

  Bristol had been born into a fisher family and raised in the family shanty that was one of many built near the docks of Blackstone. When he was ten, his father started taking him out in one of the fishing boats, a fourteen foot long rowboat that could be poled along the shallows as well as rowed.  
      Thus began his years of learning how to catch fish, turtles, and other water creatures that were tasty or valued for their various other bits.       He also began to learn the many branches of the Darkwater River and The Thrundank Swamp.
  When Bristol was sixteen, his father gave him his very own fishing boat. It was now his duty to go out and fish on his own. It was the fisher way for the sons to share a portion of their earnings with their parents until their parents passed on. He carried on this tradition for years, even after both of his brothers married and moved on to other endeavors. Rigur, his oldest brother, had a real knack for the selling of fish more than the catching of them. He earned himself more money by selling for other fishers than from selling his own catch. His other brother, Ovyn, joined the Town Watch as he liked to fight so why not do so in a way that kept him out of trouble?  
When Bristol was twenty-five, the first Bogrunner raid struck Blackstone. He had been out at Broken Keel Bend on a two day fishing run for ripplers. When he returned, the docks were burned and broken as was the dockside fish market. He learned both his parents and his brother Ovyn had all died in the attack.   Ovyn's widow now had four sons to raise alone with another baby on the way. Rigur and Bristol took to helping her as they had their parents. Bristol decided that he needed to learn to use a cutlass for when the Bogrunners came back.
  For years Bristol fished and clashed with Bogrunners or other pirates. Ovyn's sons, his nephews, grew up, married, and gave him grandnieces and nephews. One grand nephew named Frudur loved the water and when he was ten, he was given to Bristol to teach him how to fish. The two grew close. Bristol gifted Frudur a new fishing boat when the boy turned sixteen and they would still go out together, though each in his own boat.  
  They fished together until that terrible night when that murderous fireball was cast inside Blackstone Inn, killing Frudur.   Bristol did not take the loss of Frudur lightly.   He had an ally wanting justice for his own losses to the fireball attack.   It meant becoming one of the crew on The Gosling but justice for Frudur was worth it.

Bristol's Private Life


The Hand

Ever since the death of his parents and brother, Bristol became more than a fisherman.     There were too many things not quite right about the Bogrunners attacks.     Wise enough to keep his suspicions to himself, Bristol began to do some careful digging by asking a mild question now and again over a game of placards or an ale.
      His questions led to him following people and eventually discovering they were members of The Hand, a thieves' gang that had its fingers in everything all over the kingdom.       Even worse, he learned that the Bogrunners were in league with the Hand!

The Silvers

As his digging led him closer and closer to the Hand and the Bogrunners, he encountered a fellow who was of the Hands greatest rival, the brigands that called themselves The Silvers.   It did not take much for the Silvers to start paying Bristol to watch the Hand for them.   Two enemies of a common foe type of business sat rather well with the fisherman.   Bristol took long fishing trips up and down the many branches of the Darkwater River while he kept an eye on river pirates or the Hand.
That he always came back with interesting fish tales and good coin kept even the most skeptical Hand from suspecting Bristol was a spy for the Silvers.   For a good thirty years Bristol did this.   His nephew Frudur, feeling rather ill-tempered against the Hand for his own reasons, had proved to be an apt Silver spy before his murder.   Now, Bristol is willing to help a very clever young man named Fawkes L. H. Fairchild .
  Human Male 63yrs old   Gray hair tied back in a ponytail   Loves rum and his fishing boat, Boatessa.  
"There will be justice for Frudur. Cutlass to the throats of a Hand or three should suffice."

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