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Fawkes L. H. Fairchild

First Years

      I do not remember my parents. According to Grandfather, I was three when they died and he adopted me. Though they were sainted right after their deaths, nothing is written of what truly happened. Only the plaques set by their wax statues in the Hall of Saints hint at it.   I always suspected Grandfather knew more but he never told me. I am certain he was either sworn to secrecy or he felt he had to protect me. When I was older, this bothered me. Whenever I became persistent, he became too bothered with my questions and gave me a rap or three with his staff. Eventually I gave up asking, not wanting the bother of feeling his staff.   I still often wonder about them. Maybe someday I will seek the answers on my own.      
Allgods Temple Library My earliest memories are of sitting on a quilt with my toys while Grandfather's voice told me stories about whatever it was he was working on. Even the fancy lamps in the archives had stories.    
Like that one over there --- >
    He worked in the library and sometimes in the spooky archives.
Hey, I was very little then. Being underground was very spooky!
  There were more than books there so Grandfather always had stories to tell. I loved his stories. And, though I did not realize it then, he was teaching me history.   When I turned six, Grandfather packed fewer toys to make room for my slate and chalks. This quickly turned to writing words and then sentences. He would still tell me the stories but I had to write them down until my slate was full on both sides. Along with words, he taught me my numbers. Simple maths were fun for me. Grandfather made them games.  

Serious Learning


Not To Appelkamp

  When I turned ten, Grandfather was about to send me to the Appelkamp Monastery, where all Acolytes of Boki are trained, but something changed. He was suddenly sent to work in The Grand Archives, a place that would keep him away from the world for great lengths of time. Instead of sending me to the monastery, he packed me up with his other things and took me with him through the portal.     His new position seemed little different from his old one as he was assigned to The Vaults, a place beneath the Grand Archives. His work did not change, though there were more visitors.   It was an odd place for a young boy. There were no other children and I was expected to behave. Boring. I did manage to sneak off and explore the Vaults, often getting lost until Grandfather, or one of the other clerks found me reading some book or scroll. I blame Grandfather for instilling such a deep love for reading in me.  

The Wizards

  These visitors who came down into The Vaults were mostly apprentices of wizards. A rare few were wizards who came themselves. I quickly learned that only noble-borns and the wealthy were taught wizardry. I also learned that such people were arrogantly oblivious to most everything. Things had to be a certain way or it just was not right even if it was the truth. I watched the clerls take advantage of that arrogance. And I learned.   Watching the wizards, I came to realize that many were learning magic because they had to. Whether it was to bring prestige to themselves or their families, their goals in learning was to impress. They were not interested in the slow magics, the really powerfull spells that took time, effort, and deep knowledge to cast.   It was the rare few who did show interest that Gradnfather and the other clerks took care to watch closely. I, being young and rather bored with such tedium, never thought to ask why they needed watching.  

Learning Enlightenment

  My studies were serious down in The Vaults. I learned that the clerks were actually acolytes of Boki and Grandfather was training me to be one of them. All the acolytes eagerly took part in my training, which could be very annoying.   I loved to study but their teachings were strict and exhausting. There were other things I wanted to study but I never had any time. When my frustrations would get the better of me, I would sneak deep into The Vaults, looking for something I wanted to study. Alas, I was always found and hauled back to my desk which seemed to have even more assignments. Ugh!  
Complaining to Grandfather earned me a lecture on how I must learn all that the acolytes could teach. Time was short. If I kept on complaining he would rap me with his staff. Its a wonder I am not forever purple!
  What few moments I had to myself, I wondered why time was so short that I could not study on my own.  


  When I was twelve, Grandfather rewarded me for all my hard studying. He gave me a pair of stone eggs that were each a foot long. They were a puzzle. When I solved their puzzle, Grandfather would consider me graduated. For the first time, I had free rein to study whatever I wanted within The Vaults, as long as I kept up with the lessons given by him or the acolytes.   For two years I scoured the libraries within The Vaults before I discovered what to do and hatched the eggs.   At age fourteen, I now had two adorable roly poly Gur puppies who grew .... really grew. They became my very best friends who love me as much as I love them. Together we ran all over The Vaults discovering even more things to study.   All grown up now, they are massive dogs each weighing as much as a good sized man. Their names are Peypey and JuJu. They are as alike as twins.  
PeyPey a Gur Dog  
JuJu, PeyPey's Twin  

My Parents

  They are still a mystery to me as they died before I got to know them.  
Mother's Wax Statue in All Gods Temple
Zeu Lake, 148th Raye of Puliro. She sacrificed her body so her soul could save us all ~ plaque on a pedestal near Mother's wax statue
Father's Wax Statue in All Gods Temple
Reino Hall, 157th Scythe of Relnu. He sacrificed his body so his soul could save us all-~ plaque on a pedestal near Father's wax statue
  My Grandfather is the one who raised me and trained me. I love him dearly despite his being quick with his staff when I get up to ... things.  

Me All Grown Up


Now I Must Get These Back

Why stuff it in a Vault I need permission to get into?!   And he never taught me what it does, just left me notes in his journals. Ugh!
  Garzio is SUCH a troublesome tome! Of course he would get himself stolen during the murder.

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The End Springs the Beginning


We Must Be Prepared

  After the hatching of PeyPey and JuJu, Grandfather declared me a graduate and even held a formal ceremony with the other acolytes, making me one of them by giving me a headband of braided leather along with the rest of the Garb of the Acolytes. Each of the three strands were a different color. They taught me how to attach some decorative pendants to it that I now wear about my neck.  
Brother Fawkes is a fine title, one proudly learned and duly recorded via letter Grandfather and the rest of the acolytes sent to Appelkamp Monestary.
  After my graduation, Grandfather revealed to me that he was part of a secret order within the acolytes called the Brethren. Not only was he part of the Brethren but he was now their leader. He further explained that he only told me now because things were going to be very bad and we must expend all efforts to prepare. And by "we" he meant me as he was going to be terribly busy dealing with things within The Vaults. Most importantly, I was a still a boy so no one paid much attention to what I did.  
Lists. He gave me lists of things to do and places to go. His notes scribbled on the lists are as frustrating as trying to get everything on his lists done. Bring this here, that there, pack these here ... no, not like that, like this!


When I was sixteen, the terrible thing finally happened. It was called The End Of Instant and truly changed our lives. Though it was terrible, I was relieved and eager to start our new life. I had dreamed of our lives being far less hectic. Grandfather and I took to living aboard his keelboat called the Gosling with half a dozen other Brethren who served as our crew, which I had worked hard to prepare.   We became spice traders. Spices had always been a passion of Grandfather's. At his insistance, they soon became a passion of mine, with the occassional rap from his staff if my passion seemed to wane. Along with spices, I was taught how to steer, sail, and row the Gosling. And how to clean it. I know every timber, nail, rope, and canvas aboard that keelboat.
So much for the far less hectic life I had dreamed of! After a year of this, they all named me skipper of the Gosling. It would have felt like a privilege if it had not become apparent it was so the rest of the crew could get up to other business Grandfather set them to doing.     Grandfather continued to work on his other plans. Plans he kept secret from me but not the crew ... my, how typical of him.     Three years later, things took another terrible turn. Grandfather was murdered by mage fire and his magical tome was stolen. Finding who took it might lead me to who killed him.

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