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The Hand is a kingdom-wide gang of thieves that plague the Kingdom of Miribex. They primarily focus on the cities and towns along the Darkwater River that runs the length of of the kingdom. Most major towns and cities have their own faction of The Hand called a gang running the seedy side of life in them. Heists are their mainstay, though for the last three years they have expanded their reach to include piracy and smuggling.   The Hand is run by five master fingers called Thumb, Pinky, Pointer, Ring, and Long; titles used instead of their names that are passed on to their successors. Serving the master fingers are the most elite thieves of The Hand called knuckles, a serious step up from being part of a gang. Amongst these knuckles are rogue mages, whose magic has given The Hand great advantage over their rivals and most local authorities.   The master fingers have divvied up the Darkwater River into regions each is responsible for in addition to them making joint decisions regarding the entire Hand.      


  Master Thumb controls The Hand's on the southern branches of Darkwater, a large region of cliffsides, hills, and a vast swamp, The Thrundank. This area is rich with caravans coming from realms beyond the Kingdom of Miribex along Trail Ridge as well as prospectors out looking for gemstones.   The Blackstone Hands are led by Master Hand Yndur Agate. He has three seconds and advisors. Spymaster Dynol Range responsible for finding jobs for the gang and keeping watch for trouble. Keeper of the Purse, Mokul Kamp, responsible for maintaining the gang's fences of stolen goods, divvying up profits, and seeing to bribes. And, finally, Keeper of the Seal Brutt Fisher responsible for ensuring the Blackstone Hand pays its dues to Master Thumb, carries out special orders from Thumb, and enforces adherence to The Hand rules.  


  Master Finger Long controls The Hand's pirates and smugglers on the Darkwater River itself by being in command of The Hand's fleet of keelboats and its only river ship, the Eddy Rider.  


  Master Pinky controls The Hand's gangs in the crown city of the Kingdom of Miribex, Myrkatta. It is a position filled with courtly intrigues as well as heists.  


  Master Pointer controls The Hand's gangs along the eastern banks of Diamond Lake and eastern branch of the Darkwater River.  


  Master Ring controls The Hand's gangs along the western banks of Diamond Lake and the western branches.
Guild, Thieves

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