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The Silvers

The Silvers are a band of bandits whose reach encompasses most of the Kingdom of Miribex from the northeast banks of the Darkwater River. Unlike their biggest rivals, The Hand, they have few keelboats and no river ships of their own. What they do have are a greater number of men in bands that rob travelers and raid caravans. The often clash with the Long Patrols, king's soldiers who travel the roadways looking to rid the kingdom of bandits. The Silvers are not as organized as The Hand. Instead, they are more like a league of bandit bands who come together for profit and protection. The bandit band leaders come together to parley in the one town on the Darkwater River they control, Honey Port. The Honey Port Band is key to keeping control of the town as well as providing spies and messengers for the other Silvers bands.  

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