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Vkan Arm

"We were a resilient people before the Peacekeepers landed, but now that we have our arms, we are truly on our way to great things!"  
— Vkan Leader
During Initiation into The Alliance
circa 3590 PT


The Vkan arm is a bionic arm which has a fully functioning elbow, wrist and finger joints. This is all the standard arm does, but some have been adapted to include additional features such as recording devices, or implements to allow cutting.


The Vkan arm was provided to the Vkan by the Peacekeeper Alliance as part of the peace treaty that they signed when they became part of The Alliance. It was developed by Peacekeeper Efficiency, but without the usual attention to detail and thoughtfulness normally provided by this service.   The idea was that anything The Alliance provided would be more advanced than what the Vkan currently had and the Vkan were pleased with the outcome. But the arm itself has several major weaknesses and flaws. It does not stand up well to the same kind of daily wear and tear that most other Peacekeeper Effiiciency developments do, and as such the Vkan are now indebted to the Peacekeepers for replacements.

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Culture Peacekeeper, Vkan, Majoran
Locations Rrkar, Capital City of Victor, Victor, The Victalis System, Peacekeeper Territories
Item type
Creation Date
3585 PT
2lbs - 5lbs


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