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Orion's Echo

circa 5244 HE

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Echoes of memory seep from Orion's Heart.   Will you heed their warning? Or drown in their siren song?
  It is the fifty-third century of what the people of ancient Earth once called the Common Era, though this measure has long since been replaced by the identical Hyperspace Era calendar. The children of Sol have flourished and spread across a vast region of space, radiating into a dazzling array of reimagined humans who roam the star lanes alongside many kinds of far stranger beings. But pushing forth into the endless dark has never ceased to be dangerous.   Two years ago, a Pathfinder Initiative expedition into the unexplored regions of the Orion Nebula mysteriously vanished without a trace. Now, out of nowhere, a cryptic hyperwave signal has been received from the last known location of the fleet -a swan song hinting at a deeper mystery. Will you heed the echoes that call you to the heart of Orion?