Orion's echo Pathfinder Trapezium Expedition

Pathfinder Trapezium Expedition


20/5 6:00
25/3 2:00

The Trapezium Expedition was a long-duration deep space mission, organized by the Pathfinder Initiative, to explore the Orion Nebula; specifically the nebula's central star formation, the Trapezium Cluster. The goals of the expedition were to to chart the stars and molecular cloud formations of the region, gauge the potential habitability of any local worlds, make contact with any intelligent civilizations that may be indigenous to the nebula, and set up a jumpgate to enable ease of further exploration. The 12-ship fleet was launched from Palladion Skyharbour over Athena on 20th of Venuvens, 5240 HE, and entered uncharted space on 26th of Junovens. On day 900 of the voyage, the expedition was lost with all hands for reasons unknown.

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