Orion's echo Known Galactic History Timeline

Known Galactic History

  • 2200 BHE

    Enure Azora Founded

    The Enure Azora, or "Empire of Azor," was among the oldest and grandest interstellar civilizations in known galactic history, though its legacy is one of great loss and a scattered, wandering people. Founded well over seven thousand metric years ago, the empire lasted roughly three millennia before its sudden, catastrophic decline.

  • 240 BHE

    Klex become spacefaring
    Technological achievement

  • 0 BHE

    Klex achieve hyperspace travel
    Technological achievement

    Although hyperspace technology has been invented independently by most major starfaring civilizations, and the Tel Azor actually discovered it 2000 years before them, Klex are ubiquitous in the known galaxy and their drives are held in high regard. For this reason, the Kleko-Pleiadean dating system, relative to their invention of hyperspace technology, is the one that has been most widely adopted in the known galaxy.

  • 476 HE

    Qaimaur'e Federation Founded

    The second-oldest surviving civilization in known space, the Qaimaur'e Federation is the governing body of the Pleiades cluster and the major national entity of the Kleko-Pleiadean culture.

  • 1200 HE (0 ADA)
    Azor Cataclysm
    Disaster / Destruction

    Though Azoradi civilization is by far the oldest living culture in the known galaxy, the surviving pockets of it are mere fragments of its former glory. Azor, the capital world of the empire, suffered a terrible catastrophe at the height of the civilization’s prosperity, though none alive remember exactly what happened. Modern Tel Azor measure time relative to this event, referred to as the Death of Azor (BDA/ADA).

  • 1961 HE

    12 /4

    Humans become spacefaring
    Technological achievement

  • 2181 HE

    3 /10

    Humans become starfaring
    Technological achievement

  • 2370 HE

    2600 HE

    Great Ark Migration
    Population Migration / Travel

    Circa 2370 HE, the distant ancestors of the Abyssals departed Sol in their colossal asteroid arks, bound for the star system Zeta Reticuli forty lightyears away. Powered by ion engines, the arks reached a maximum speed of 0.2c during their 230-year journey.

  • 2460 HE

    Humans achieve hyperspace travel
    Technological achievement

    According to Mercurion Order historians, Saint Mercurion tested the first hyperstate shift resonator in 2460 HE, unlocking a vast new realm of technological potential.

  • 2500 HE

    Solar Reach Founded

    The Solar Reach was, at one time, the unified governing body that exerted authority over all of human-settled space. Founded in 2500 HE, its influence spread hundreds of lightyears in all directions for over two thousand years. Unfortunately, over time its influence has waned, until its eventual collapse into many different factions and nations in the last millennium. Despite this, most human-descended starfaring cultures still use the Solar Era dating system (with Year Zero being the founding of the Reach), even if only in academic context.

  • 2638 HE

    2786 HE

    Yggdrasil settled
    Population Migration / Travel

  • 3125 HE

    Asgardian Protectorates formed

    The predecessor to the modern United Realms of Yggdrasil, the civilization of Asgard rapidly grew to prominence in the Solar Reach and, with neighboring alien powers on the rise as well, offered the other civilizations of its solar system its defensive capabilities in exchange for fair trade agreements.

  • 3200 HE

    Aeryne Confederation Founded

    Thousands of years ago, the aarakocra homeworld of Koliar was the heart of a grand interstellar civilization, an alliance of settled worlds called the Aeryne Confederation. Founded at the dawn of the golden age of aarakocra interstellar spaceflight, 3200 HE is marked in the annals of Aeryne history as Year Zero of AU: Aeryne Unity. Though the Confederation is all but gone now, its people, culture, and great works of engineering remain as a testament to its former glory.

  • 3370 HE

    3520 HE

    Olympia settled
    Population Migration / Travel

  • 3664 HE

    Pantheon Republic Founded

    Founded to ensure the peaceable interplanetary relations of the Olympia system, the Pantheon Republic is one of the most prominent of the Solar legacy powers.

  • 3720 HE

    Vayenir Founded

    The ancient civilization of Vayenir, also referred to as the Vayen Empire, once spanned hundreds of star systems under the banner of their many-headed chief goddess Tiamat. Dragonborn of the many worlds of Vayenir date their calendars from the Empire’s founding, with 3720 HE marked as Year Zero of the Age of Tiamat (AT). Unfortunately, the Age of Tiamat seems to be drawing to a close, as the empire crumbles from the combination of house infighting and ineffective defense against the rising Kreth Imperium.

  • 4000 HE

    Orion Trade Network established

  • 4204 HE

    Order of Saint Mercurion founded

    The Order of Saint Mercurion is a monastic movement dedicated to the study of hyperspace and related sciences, following the ancient teachings of a mysterious hyperspace pioneer. Founded over a thousand years ago by Solar Reach scholars, the Order is generally regarded within former Solar space as one of the only trustworthy sources of information and technology related to hyperspace.

  • 4530 HE

    Divine Empire of Siltharesh Founded

    The newest major power to arise in the known galaxy is the Divine Empire of Siltharesh, more commonly called the Kreth Imperium. Though small, it is a belligerent and power-hungry theocracy that has toppled far older and mightier powers than itself. The kreth worlds mark time from the founding of the Imperium, with 4530 HE being considered Year Zero of the Age of the Rising Tide (ART), or more simply the Kreth Dominion era (KD).

  • 4672 HE

    Pathfinder Initiative founded

    In 4672 HE, a few of the leading explorers from Solar legacy powers joined together in a coalition intended to promote, sponsor, and organize the peaceful exploration of deep space. This organization quickly grew in renown across Solar legacy space and beyond, and in the modern day remains the most recognized and respected exploration guild in all of known space.

  • 4822 HE

    United Realms of Yggdrasil founded

    Well into the decline of the Solar Reach, the Asgardian Protectorate agreement was supplanted by a new alliance that placed all parties on more equal diplomatic footing: the United Realms of Yggdrasil, which continues to govern the worlds of the Yggdrasil system to the modern day.

  • 5240 HE

    20 /5 06:00
    5242 HE

    25 /3 02:00

    Pathfinder Trapezium Expedition

    The Trapezium Expedition was a long-duration deep space mission, organized by the Pathfinder Initiative, to explore the Orion Nebula; specifically the nebula's central star formation, the Trapezium Cluster. The goals of the expedition were to to chart the stars and molecular cloud formations of the region, gauge the potential habitability of any local worlds, make contact with any intelligent civilizations that may be indigenous to the nebula, and set up a jumpgate to enable ease of further exploration. The 12-ship fleet was launched from Palladion Skyharbour over Athena on 20th of Venuvens, 5240 HE, and entered uncharted space on 26th of Junovens. On day 900 of the voyage, the expedition was lost with all hands for reasons unknown.

  • 5242 HE

    25 /3

    Pathfinder Trapezium Expedition disappears
    Disaster / Destruction

    In the early hours of 25th Marens, 5242 HE, the fleet of the Pathfinder expedition into the Orion Nebula transmitted a distress signal before unexpectedly stopping communication with Pathfinder Initiative headquarters. After a brief investigation, the 12-ship fleet was presumed lost with all hands, and no rescue attempt has been made to date.