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Klex, colloquially termed goblins, are a species of humanoid sophonts from the planet Klekon. Though entirely unrelated to the human species in any form, their appearance is that of short, four-armed humans with reddish skin, large eyes, and sharp facial features. Klex are incredibly adaptable and markedly technophilic, having a patchwork technoculture adopted from countless other civilizations they have encountered across the stars.


Anatomy & Physiology

Goblins are vertical bipedal hexapods, with two sets of manipulatory forelimbs at the top of the torso and a pair of hindlimbs at the bottom of the torso used for terrestrial locomotion. Klex have an internal skeleton composed of collagen and calcium phosphate. Their vascular oxygen carrier is haemoglobin, an iron-based protein that turns bright red when oxidized. Though efficient, haemoglobin is easily damaged by carbon monoxide, rendering goblins one of only a handful of known sophont species susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  Klex have long, thin, prehensile tails and two opposable digits on each of their six limbs, though they mainly utilize those of the upper four. They are almost entirely without fur, with a mane of dark reddish fur on the head and a thinner stripe running down the back and tail.

Perception & Sensory Capabilities


Klex, like humans, rely most on their visual sense. They are very visual beings, with most of their technology and culture involving crucial optical aspects. Goblin visual sense is facilitated by a single pair of focal binocular eyes, which are able to pick up motion, definite shape, spatial orientation, and color.


The Klex olfactory sense is not especially strong, facilitated by a pyramidine protrusion in the approximate center of their face. This "nose" has a pair of spiracles that lead to a chemosensory chamber connected to the respiratory system.


Goblins are also quite dependent on their auditory sense, facilitated by a single pair of triangular fleshy protrusions, one on each side of their head. In fact, Klex hearing is slightly stronger than that of humans, able to pick up higher frequencies into the 30 kHz range.


The Klex tactile sense is their strongest sense, though they tend to rely more on the visual and auditory senses. Their entire epidermis is sensitive to tactile input, though the effect is most intense in the tail and the manipulative structures at the ends of the upper limbs.


Geographic Origin & Distribution

Hailing from the planet Klekon near the heart of the Pleiades star cluster, Klex achieved spaceflight thousands of years ago and have spread across most of the known universe alongside humans. They are a common sight in civilized space, present almost everywhere, but their sociopolitical influence and numbers are concentrated in and around the Pleiades.

Habitat & Survival Factors

The optimal survival range in a variety of factors for an unequipped goblin is quite wide to begin with, but given the technology and/or resources to build said technology, the Klex can eke out a living almost anywhere in the cosmos.

Civilization & Culture

Ethnicity | Dec 25, 2022
The Klex are a highly adaptable and technologically adept species, having assimilated aspects of the many different styles of technology that exist throughout the stars into their own hyper-hybridized technoculture. Their civilizations are utopic at best and bureaucratic nightmares at worst, as the goblins are keen on organizing to the point of obfuscation.

Major Organizations

Major Language Groups & Dialects

Culture & Heritage

Common Traditions

Common Taboos

Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homunculus sapiens (Klexigenids)
Average Height
1.3 m
Average Weight
45 kg (1G)
biochemical multicellular
Biochemical base
Respiration compounds
Sophont formclass
Humanoid (xenic)
vertical bilaterally symmetric hexapod (endoskeletal caudal)
Sapience type
focal centric
Home system
Tech level


Gravity limit
1.5 G
Pressure range
0.5 to 2.5 atm
Air mix
15% to 60% O2
Temperature range
10 to 30 °C
Radiation limit
0.25 J/kg

Interspecies Relations

Hyperlanes Info

Physical Traits

DEX increases by 2 and CON increases by 1
30 feet

Extra Limbs
You may take two bonus actions during your turn rather than one, so long as they are different actions coming from different sources.
Prehensile Tail
Your tail operates with a radius of five feet and you can use it as a bonus action to manipulate an object, open an unlocked door or container, stow or retrieve an item from an open container, operate a touchscreen, etc. You cannot use your tail to attack or carry more than 10 pounds.
You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You cannot discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Cultural Traits

Suggested culture: Kleko-Pleiadean

INT increases by 2
WIS increases by 1

You are proficient in the Science skill and a tool kit of your choice.
Shadow Culture
You are proficient in Deception, Sleight of Hand, or Stealth (choose 1).
Casually Invasive
You are proficient in Security Tools.

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