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Rarely encountered, the Abyssals are an ancient offshoot of humanity who sealed themselves away in titanic asteroid-arks many millennia ago. Left to their own devices, these elusive interstellar nomads have evolved rapidly, in both the technological and biological sense.


Anatomy & Morphology

Thanks to the extremely low gravity of their cavernous traveling homes, Abyssals have become smaller and more gracile than planetbound humans, with increased dexterity and flexibility, as well as some fine motor control in the feet. Abyssals are proportionally exaggerated relative to their unmodified human ancestors, with proportionally large heads and thin, spindly limbs. They are very pale grey, with large dark eyes to absorb as much light as possible, almost nonexistent noses, and internal ears.

Perception & Sensory Capabilities

Abyssals have strong psionic abilities, though their biological and evolutionary origins are still nebulous. Abyssals communicate almost exclusively through hyperwave-like telepathy and have potent telekinetic power as well - a useful tool for microgravity-dwellers such as themselves.


Geographic Origin & Distribution

It is believed that the first ancestors of the Abyssals settled and refitted asteroids from the Sol system over three thousand years ago, setting out among the stars sometime in the late second millennium CE. Their universal hub is thought to be a megastructure orbiting the star Zeta-2 Reticuli, giving them the demographic nickname "Reticulans."

Civilization & Culture

Little is known about Abyssal culture, though it is understood that these beings are frightfully advanced. Their technological capacity is far beyond any other civilization in known space, and their mastery of psionics is terrifying. When encountered, Abyssals seem to be cold, analytical, and aloof, though not totally devoid of emotion or compassion. Reticulans appear to be immortal and may even have limited control over the flow of time.

Major Organizations

Major Language Groups & Dialects

Culture & Heritage

Common Traditions

Common Taboos

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens astronautilus
Average Height
1.5 m
Average Weight
42 kg (1G)
biochemical multicellular
Biochemical base
Respiration compounds
Sophont formclass
Humanoid (posthuman)
vertical bilaterally symmetric tetrapod (endoskeletal acaudal)
Sapience type
focal centric
Earth (ancestral)
Home system
Sol (ancestral)
Tech level


Gravity limit
1.1 G
Pressure range
0.2 to 2.0 atm
Air mix
10% to 70% O2
Temperature range
10 to 30 °C
Radiation limit
0.3 J/kg

Interspecies Relations


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