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Qaimaur'e Federation

The second-oldest surviving civilization in known space, the Qaimaur'e Federation is the governing body of most of Klex-inhabited space, centered on the Pleiades cluster. The name of the Federation actually derives from the Neo-Kleori name for the cluster: Qai Maur'e, meaning "Blue Siblings." Though thousands of years old, the Federation has remained politically and economically stable for the vast majority of its lifespan, and shows no signs of wavering in the centuries to come.


The Federation originated as an alliance of colonized star systems centered around the ancestral home system of the Klex: Kleor. As the Klex and their descendants spread across the Qai Maur’e, the Federation adopted the name of the star cluster as its own. In the centuries that followed, the Federation expanded rather quickly to encompass the neighboring Hyades (Kitte Maur’e) Cluster, Taurus Cloud, and Near Perseus Main. After the initial rush, the border expansion slowed to a steady crawl, eventually enveloping the Perseus and Cepheus Clouds. The shape of the modern Federation has stood relatively unchanged for millennia. The coreward side is bordered by the Solar Reach, from the Cepheus Cloud through the Hyades to the Orion Junction. The fadeward edge is less defined, stretching out from the other side of the Cepheus Cloud across interstellar space to encompass the distant Far Perseus Main. On the spinward edge lies the border with the now-defunct Aeryne, in the gulf between the Cepheus Cloud and the Cygnus Rift. The trailward edge runs along the outer reach of the Orion Arc from the Far Perseus Main to the Orion Junction.



The Federation is a democratic society made up of multiple member civilizations, all of which have their own cultures. The Federation as a whole espouses the virtues of equity, coexistence, and technological advancement. One of the more prominent cultural groups is the Kleko-Pleiadean clade, which permeates the Pleiades and Hyades clusters and their surrounding space. The Kleko-Pleiadean technoculture is rather amalgamative in nature, having assimilated aspects of the many different styles of technology that exist throughout the stars into itself. Though the Federation is officially secular, many Kleko-Pleiadeans worship ten deities who are embodiments of the ten brightest stars in the Pleiades cluster.


In 476 of the Hyperspace Era, about five hundred Solar years after the Klex invented the hyperdrive, the Federation was founded among the dozens upon dozens of Klekonian colonies of the Qai Maur’e. As the Klex explored further into the star cluster, the membership of the Federation grew with a rapid pace -even more so once the children of Kleor reached the neighboring Kitte Maur’e cluster and Taurus Cloud. By the millennial anniversary of the Federation its membership had leveled off at a few million stars, and since that time has remained around that benchmark, gradually fluctuating as the other major astropolitical powers of the Orion Arm rose and fell around them.   Even before this membership plateau, the Qaimaur’e Federation encountered another major spacefaring empire: the Enure Azora. Though separated by hundreds of lightyears, the Empire and the Federation established a trade route across the vastness that stayed in service even after the Azor Cataclysm sent the Empire into decline. In the modern day, these systems still maintain their status as trade hubs between the two regions, despite being surrounded by Solar Reach -now Legacy- systems.   One of the most significant astronations that the Federation has interacted with over its long lifetime is the Solar Reach, with which it shares the most border space. When the Solar Reach made contact in 3059 HE, the Federation began to fortify the Hyades border, unintentionally raising tensions. Thus began the brief Hyades War, a series of out-system skirmishes which lasted a few years before diplomatic agreements brought the conflict to an end. The two civilizations forged a strong alliance with the Hyades Treaty that has lasted even through the decline of the Solar Reach, and the Federation keeps good relations with the neighboring Solar Legacy factions.   When the Aeryne Confederation sprang up on the spinward edge of the Federation centuries later, they were delighted to make contact with a technologically advanced trading partner. The Federation maintained profitable commerce on the Cygnus border even as the Confederation dissolved into hundreds of smaller factions, and even absorbed dozens of newly independent systems into its fold.

Kesar'e Ramel ute Kenaxor Omh
Many Stars as One Constellation

Founding Date
476 HE
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Post-scarcity economy
Pleiadean Link
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations


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