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Pure Fight

"The most dreadful thing I felt whenever challenged by foes as strong as I was the great sacrifice I needed to pay everytime."
"A sacrifice my Lord?"
"My armors. They were all custom made, and yet no metal can survive the forces we unleashed. It almost made me consider retreating at times."

Demon Lord Vel Grao Truthfinder about his feelings on Pure Fights
  "Pure Fights" are events where two very, very powerful beings fight each other. Legendary fights that twist the very earth. When one occurs, lesser beings scream that a "Pure Fight!" is coming and they try and get away from the scene and keep fighting somewhere else.   These incredible struggles are called "Pure" because they include "pure fighting prowess and raw magical energies conflicting"1, and also because the fighters themselves end up in their purest of form, naked. Literally naked. Their clothes never surviving the encounter.


Pure Fights didn't occur on Orbido until the first battles between superior beings after the first century of each species' First Sending. These first "Pure Fights" involved mostly Monsters instead of opposite countries' representatives. BUt the term survived the switch from mindless beasts to enemy combatants.   Thus, whenever beings (monsters or not) whose powers in the way of Mana allow to destroy metals and change the landscape appeared, the term would surface in different names until being widely known as "Pure Fights".


Simply fighting at a greater power level than the norm during a war equivocates to being part of a Pure Fight.   Of course, if the encounter doesn't last more than a few seconds, it isn't really considered a Pure Fight.

Components and tools

Pure Fights of the highest order are usually fight with naked arms, magical spells, and no clothes. Nudity is recommended since wearing any material that will end up scrapped to pieces would be a waste.   As mentionned above, not all weapons and armors can withstand too strong forces, though some are known to exist such as the current Lord-Emperor's weapon, Pillar of Storm or the treasure of Fortern, the Shield of Woes.


Notorious Pure Fights usually concern be it Beast Lords, Heroes, True Dragons, Archdemon or stronger beings... Monsters can count as Pure Fights, as they do not wear clothes and are considered pure by default. However, these monsters should provide enough strength to count as worthy of the term.   Most Pure Fights end up spawning legends for the participants, victors or losers.


One can observe Pure fights nowadays in the current war between the Demon Empireand the Fortern Kingdom.

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