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Oscar Civet, the Little Hero

"I smoked his lair, tied its mouth~.
Set fire to its fur, farted on its face~.
It pounced and roared right off a cliff~.
And down the Resogon went~!
Oscar Civet singing about one of his exploits.
  The youngest official Hero of the Fortern Kingdom. Little Civet is a small blond Human with great abilities in the ways of Mana, which he uses in service of his homeland. Mostly, he defeats monsters threatening small villages, Oscar having a low esteem for Forternian politics. He rarely joins wars and prefers practicing playing the flute.   Not as physically overwhelming as his fellow Heroes, Oscar relies on speed and trickery to defeat his targets. Be they giant monsters that can decimate towns, traitor Heroes, or towering Archdemon soldiers on the battlefield, Oscar can and will put them down with a big smile and a joyous tune.

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