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General Estofar Del Ascua

General Estofar Delascua (a.k.a. Ash-Maker)

"Run! The General's doing it again!"
One of Braise's soldier, fleeing from an explosion.
  A most famed and feared General of Fortern. His personality as fiery as his style of combat; explosions and firestorms all day long. has made his name on the battlefield, he is very experienced and completely unorthodox in his warfare. Leading from the front, personnaly leading his elite force from places to places within army formations and striking deep blows in the enemy from unpredictable angles. When pushed to the brink, this manic warrior produces an explosion that burns everything around him to a crisp. Collateral damages are commonplace around him, but his troops have gotten used to it.   A young Estofar of Apostoli joined the army life and devoted himself to training so that he could reach the level of the Heroes in term of destructive powers. He judged that the fastest way to achieve this was to join Fortern and their dangerous skirmishes against the Demon Empire. Danger and death would awaken his potential while increasing his clout over the military. After years of intense efforts and encounters with death, he reached the pinnacle of Human strength, able to trade blows and spells even against Archdemons.   After his promotion to General, he vied for his other ambition, achieving immortal fame. In his mind, the straightest path to it was to carve the ennemy ranks free of every living thing. This was the way his soldiers would speak of him, and in turn, the citizens of the Kingdom would speak of him. They would sing praises, his praises, and that was a blessing.   But as the years roled in, even after achieving victories after victories, even after the Empire's citizens began to see him as the boogeyman, Braise realised he wasn't doing enough. The Heroes and their descendants began to steal the spotlight, as they did during the Conquest. And so Estofar knew he needed to strike one big blow, one large enough for everyone to notice, a game-changing thing. He just didn't know what, until he met a young noble by the name of Franc Ecart.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Mastery of Fire-based magic. Explosion style of fighting.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Braise grew up among the low nobility, his family owned an estate and three families, but that was it. He grew up strong

Gender Identity



Joined the Knight Academy at 13 year old to practice and earn a post as officer.


37 years of experience within the Forternian military. Ten years as an infantry commander. 12 years as captain of the , eight years as General.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Liberated the fortress of Oveny from Imperial occuation. Largest record of confirmed kills in the history of the Fortern Kingdom.

Failures & Embarrassments

Defeat against the Imperial advance on the . Absent for military matters for five long years to help Lord 's experiments.

Mental Trauma

Afraid of aging. Dreads being forgotten. Drinking problem when thinking about a dull future.

Intellectual Characteristics

Instinctive, master planner, probabilist.

Morality & Philosophy

Death is just a number in his eyes. Every Demon or rebel he killed are but a record to put in the books, but a record he values intensely.


Adultry. Breaking a promise. Leaving business unfinished.

Personality Characteristics


"I do not fight for King and Country, boy. I fight for my legend! Heroes and Demon Lords be damned, MY name shall be eternal!"


General Estofar Del Ascua

Partner (Vital)

Towards Franc Ecart



Franc Ecart

Partner (Important)

Towards General Estofar Del Ascua



Nicknames & Petnames

Braise keeps calling Franc "boy", instead of using his title of potential lord of Apostoli. Franc addresses Braise as "General", even after Braise's false-retirement from the army to participate in his experiment.

Current Location
Date of Birth
14th of Spring
Year of Birth
507 AS 50 Years old
Light brown, wide.
Trimmed short dark brown hair. Begins balding.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I don't weep for the stupid, boy. I don't have all day." "Fighting kids is not going to look good on my legend you know? So how about your Empire start sending ACTUAL ADULTS for me to kill!"
Known Languages
Common Imperial: Mother Tongue. Easternite: Bilangual. English: Incompetent.

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