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The Hoard of Sauce

Behold!!! My stuff :)

Legend speaks of a hoard. A hoard of treasure both magic and mundane. A hoard of weapons, armor, trinkets, charms, talismans, knickknacks, artifacts, doodads, companions for some reason, gizmos, boons and curses and the runes that bestow them, potions, elixirs, tinctures, bombs, staves, wands, and other funny names for things that I can't think of. It is the fabled Hoard of Sauce, Loot Knight's personal stash.

This collection isn't that, but the name is cool so we'll just roll with it.


Knight's Greatblade
Shield Sword

Armor & Clothing

Dragonwulf Plate
Vanguard's Breastplate


Mug of True Ice
Over time I'll add new items as I come up with them. My goal is for most items to have their own articles that you can access by clicking their card and scrolling down. But you'll have to click the card to read the text anyway so it all works out.

Some will just have info about the item itself, some will also have bonus lore to flesh out the world (Like the +1 Sword), some will just have the flavor text, and if I had an idea for how they'd work in a game I'll include that too.

I'll prioritize rarer items as well as items with lore.


Important Note: With the exception of Common, all Rarities will contain both magical and non-magical items.


Basic gear, equipment, and everyday items. Most currency-based treasure, such as coinage, gemstones, and works of art are classified as Common. Nothing magical.


This is the loot you'd find in dungeons, finely crafted or commissioned gear, simple magic items, etc. The most famous examples of these are the Dungeoneer's Gauntlet and the +1 Sword.


These are the big ticket items. Usually named and provides a powerful ability or effect, sometimes even multiple. A +1 flame sword is uncommon, but a +3 flame sword named Immolation that creates a wheel of fire around you is rare. For 99.99% of adventures this is the highest rarity.


These are character specific items. Blade's Quill, Runefist Gauntlets, Skull's Bonecleaver, etc. Technically they would just be Rare if not for their connection to a character. In fact, some of them might just qualify as Uncommon. Legendary and Mythic items will most likely be in separate compendiums.
In the future, some of the Rares might become Legendary if I end up assigning it to a character.
(I'm calling it right now, it's gonna be the Runeclaw)


These items are integral to the lore of Oniran. The question isn't if you can get these items, the question is how you got these items and what damn near world changing event led to these items falling into your possession in the first place.
If the stakes of your adventure rose to such an incomprehensibly insane level that you acquire some shit like the Sword of the Broken King, Demoncleaver, The Genesis Rune, or the Shield of Stonewood, then congratulations; until your adventure ends you are officially either the main character or the villain.

Bonus Lore

The Hoard of Sauce itself is not exactly a legend or a rumor that may or may not be true, in fact, Loot is extremely open and proud of its existence. But this in itself isn't very surprising given the type of person Loot is. You see, the legend isn't about if, it's about where.
The most popular theory as of right now is a personal Dungeon that only Loot can access. After all, if you wanted to hide a large stash of loot and one of your options was a pocket dimension you'd probably go with that too.
Honestly it's probably better if it's never found, that shit would absolutely destroy the economy.

Master Jontaro

Jon (he/him)
While I would love to go on an adventure, writing them is enough for me.



All the art is made by me unless labled otherwise!

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Author's Notes

I went through a whole character arc trying to determine how to go about cataloguing all the items I made. Originally I wanted this to actually be Loot's Hoard, but realized I'd have to go through every item and ask myself "Is this something he would realistically have gotten at some point?". So in the end I just made this a general collection with the same name cause I liked it too much.

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