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Dungeoneer's Gauntlet

Simplicity, Versatility, and a Lost Story

"A simple but reliable design almost exclusively found in weaker dungeons. While it isn't much to write home about, having one is a rite of passage for budding adventurers."

The Dungeoneer's Gauntlet is a rite of passage. An item so well-known the only reason its rarity isn't common is its acquisition. Some believe that this design specifically originated from Dungeons, but for all we know it might even be the opposite. One thing's for certain, the second you begin an adventuring career you are damn near destined to come across both a Dungeoneer's Gauntlet and a +1 Sword (Or any form of +1 equipment for that matter).

The gauntlet itself is an extremely simple design. Made in steel, bulky, with a large forearm-length plate and a metal band to fit around the bicep, all connected with a flexible chainmail protecting the elbow while still allowing for maneuverability. The sizes you'll find can vary greatly, from what is basically just light armor to an incredibly large and cumbersome thing that could very well kill someone with just a punch.

There are two reasons why this borderline mundane gauntlet has captivated so many adventurers. The first is its downright irresponsible level of versatility. When it comes to creating and customizing items, compatability is one of the key fundamentals to keep in mind. An enchantment or rune meant for armor won't work on a weapon, weapon abilities don't translate to armor, the magical effects of certain artifacts might not even translate to other artifacts of the same type. But the Dungeoneer's Gauntlet is, as far as we know, the only exception to this. Regardless of if it's an armor effect, weapon ability, spell, magical property, hell, even some shit like a Rune of Weapon Transmutation for some reason, the gauntlet is perfectly compatible and we literally have no idea why.

The second reason is just the mystery of it all. It's reasonable to assume that by the time you acquire one you've been adventuring for long enough to have at least a basic grasp on the quirky nature of Loot and their flavor texts. The Dungeoneer's Gauntlet is the single best example of one of the fundamentals, the more widespread an item becomes the more its flavor text will become generalized to compensate. But just as important is the fact that stories don't just disappear. Somewhere out there, either hidden in the Dungeons they're found in, within the gauntlets themselves, or in ancient tomes locked away for the past thousands of years, the answers lie in wait. Personally, I believe we might find it some day. For no other reason than my strong belief that stories never truly die, they need only be found again.


  • Uncommon


  • Non-Magical Armor


Common Price

  • 50gm

Additional Notes

  • Multiple Guilds in Stonewood have taken the initiative to collaborate and learn everything there is to know about the gauntlets. It's far from just a small local effort, The College of Wizardry famously expressed their full support for the quest, providing resources and potential leads to those dedicated enough to join the cause.

  • As far as we know, there are no loopholes or possible exploitations of its compatability. It is unique to the gauntlet and only the gauntlet. Even if you were to melt it down and used every last piece in forging a weapon or alternative armor piece the effect is lost entirely.

Master Jontaro

While I would love to go on an adventure, writing them is enough for me.

All the art is made by me unless labled otherwise!


Author's Notes

Okay so I just really like gauntlets. In fact they're probably my favorite type of armor loot by FAR cause there's just so much you can do with them. I love bulky gauntlets with cool silhouettes, I love how modular they feel, like you could just carry a bag full of gauntlets with different effects and abilities to swap them out mid-combat cause it's LITERALLY just putting on a glove, even just the word gauntlet sounds cool and satisfying. Gauntlet. Just say that out loud real quick. It sounds sick as hell doesn't it? And that's not even the only word you could use. Vambrace ALSO sounds badass.   So yeah, the Dungeoneer's Gauntlet was me making an item that represented like everything I love about gauntlets. I think I absolutely cooked with this one. That's all, have a good one!

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