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Idiot's Idioms

These are idioms and sayings made by the lower class citizens in Ombitrium, these are listed depending on which community they are usually based in

Idioms and sayings:



Trickier than a Tadaxi
e.g. You ditched your BFF?! You're trickier than a Tadaxi!
Meaning/history: Made after the great trick in Tahliac 110BY. The Tadaxi tricked and scammed the people of Breace out of land and resources, they still hold some prejudices against them hence the phrase Trickier than a Tadaxi
Independence of an Arbitrium
e.g. You did that all by yourself? You have the independence of an Arbitrium
Meaning/history: The royal family is (obviously) known for being very independent and the family name is Arbitrium thus the saying Independence of an Arbitrium(Read Anastasio Arbitrium and Tenebris Arbitrium for more)
Go sleep with the Scithe!
e.g. I can't believe you blew me off! Why don't you go and sleep with the scithe!
Meaning/history: Scithe are cold hearted beings living int the Ice Plains of Klinkidok. Telling someone to go sleep with the scithe is basically calling them cold hearted and to go and stay with their own kind


Instincts of a trodder
e.g. I can't believe you knew he was bad news. You've got the instincts of a Trodder
Meaning/history: After discovering that Trodders had an uncanny ability to sense poison and trouble they were said to have good instincts thus the saying instincts of a trodder
Worse than Warforged
e.g. You broke my heart, you're worse than the Warforged!
Meaning/history: After the slavery problems, the changelings hate the Warforged, calling someone one is a major insult. (Read Crystal Dagger and Unicorn Spit for more)
Craving Craven cubs
e.g. I'm so hungry I'm Craving Craven cubs!
Meaning/history: The Craven's cravings can get so bad that they end up eating their own cubs. This saying shows someones absolute hunger they would be able to eat their own kids. (Read The Craven's Mistress and The Weeping Woods for more)


Heart of the trough
e.g. You're power is unmatched by any I've seen, you have the heart of the trough
Meaning/history:The fire burning in the base of the dragons trough is close to half of the suns energy released. In the Warforged culture fire is a sign of power thus saing someone has the heart of the forge means they have an intense fighting spirit and a power unmatched by their competitors.
More deceiving than a trighoul
e.g. I thought you loved her. You're more deceiving than a trighoul
Meaning/history: The terrible trighoul is a creature known for being deceiving before killing their enemies. Saying someone is more deceiving than a trighoul is basically saying they are two faced  
Swim with the magmites
e.g. You wanna try something that ambitious?! You might as well swim with the magmites while you're at it!
Meaning/history: The magmites are wyvern like creatures who swim in the lava of Vesuvula. Saying someone might as well swim with the magmites in basically saying you're being too ambitious and will likely fail as it is seen as an impossible task.


Blander than Breace
e.g. Oh come on! Don't be blander than Breace!
Meaning/history: The people of Crystas find the people of Breace to be blad and boring. Considering the racism currently between the two countries has caused insults to be laid down thereby making any negative comparison to someone from Breace is considered a major insult
Eye's as dead as Hroarst
e.g. Your eye's are as dead as Hroarst', you must be tired
Meaning/history: Hroarst is the "mythic" scithe in the Ice Plains of Klinkidok who is said to have eyes as dead as the peoplw who cross him as non have survived. It is often used to shrow how tired someone looks and/or how down they are
Wordy wind
e.g. She was such a wordy wind I could barely keep up!
Meaning/history: The gales in Klinkidok are extremely strong, saying someone is a wordy wind means that they are talking so much so fast that they are creating gusts as strong as they are in the Ice Plains of Klinkidok


Redder than dunes
e.g. She was so embarrassed she went redder than the dunes!
Meaning/history:The sandy dunes of Maalta are known for their red color. Saying someone is redder than the dune is like saying someone is as red as a tomato
Slippery as an Amathyzard
e.g. You ass! You're as slippery as an amathyzard!
Meaning/history: The amathzards are known for being crafty and "slippery" per say. Saying someone is as slippery as an amathyzard is like calling someone a sly dog
Anger of a warnado
I'm so anrgy! I feel like a warnado!
Meaning/history: This saying comes up in different ways. One can be called a warnado straight up (the equivilant to calling someone hot headed) or refer to someones anger as that of the warnados and many similar. In every variation, one thing stays the same, it refers to anger/destruction.
  I will likely add more to this from time to time

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Wow! This is DEFINITELY my new favorite!!! The idiom that I liked most was the “wordy wind”. :)