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The Craven's Mistress

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In The Weeping Woods from many centuries ago, it is believed that the beautiful goddess, Jade, mother of the forest, had a large Craven of legend as her pet. He was said to be like the Cravens of legend, with dragon wings and front legs. His name was Angelix and was said to be the first instance of Cravens recorded in history. He served as Jade's ride and main attack weapon in the battle of the Gods. He was loyal to her, he loved her, but Jade died in that war, and that made Angelix loose his mind. He went crazy with cravings for human flesh and destroyed a multitude of changeling settlements across Tedepris.   They believe that Angelix is still alive today, they also believe that because of his craving for flesh that day, they have to sacrifice their criminals to the Craving's den to be sure another slaughter doesn't occur again. They believe that hiding in the cave lies this mysterious, majestic creature. Many elders have recalled tales of the Craven Angelix, but they are considered just stories...  
Come sit on my lap young one, let me tell you a story...
  Along time ago, in the ancient parts of the forest, I had wandered away from my main foraging group when I was about your age. I was new to foraging and was not familiar with the boundaries of the Craven's territory. I walked straight into the den, I had seen a large congregation of rarely found flame lilies sitting nearby and wanted to collect them, anyone who finds flame lilies on their first day out is given a reward of 10g of UP (Unicorn Powder), a huge reward. I had ran over, stuffing them into my bag. I was so happy, until I heard a flutter of wings and a growl from behind me. I slowly turned around. I was so afraid. There, right before me, was a pack of Cravens. It was their hunting season. They were...hungry. I stood there, praying to Jade for mercy, when a loud howl pierced the air. The pack scampered off as the sound of dragons wings flapping landed in front of me, it threw dust up into my eyes, but when they finally cleared, I saw a massive Craven, with the legs and wings of a dragon. It turned to me, our eyes meeting. it seemed to smile, a warm, compassionate smile, as if he was protecting me. He flew off and I raan back to my group, the sight of Angelix still glued in my retinas.


The legend is that of a beautiful Craven blessed with the wings and legs of a dragon instead of that of a peacock.   Angelix, as he is called, was once the ride and beloved pet of the changelings beloved goddess Jade. He was so angry when she died that he devoured and destroyed countless changeling settlements across The Weeping Woods of Tedepris. He is said to be the parent of the species of all Craven and the reason for their craving for flesh.

Historical Basis

The battle of the gods


This myth is held by the Changelings of Acrylicarion and the humans of Breace. The Breacens may not believe the myth, but many of those who are educated in Changeling history and mythology have heard of Angelix

Variations & Mutation

Some believe that Angelix was instead gifted with the wings of an angel, not that of a dragon. Others have been told that Angelix was Angelixa, a female who had the wings of a fairy and the tail of a dragon. The most common variation is that of the type of dragon/color of his wings. The most common color is red and fire, but some variations say that his wings are blue and from a water dragon. Many also believe that his wings were made from wood and ivy and that he burrowed in the earth.

Cultural Reception

Many of the Changelings believe that Angelix is alive and out there. They believe that he keeps the Cravens at bay for the rest of the year that they don't eat flesh.   In the kingdom of Balance, they believe it only s a myth, many of them don't actually believe in the existence of Cravens

In Literature

There are many stories of Cravens who are large, beautiful and extremely powerful being ridden by warlords and charged into battle and wars. Angelix is mentioned as the pet to many warlords, but is mostly mentioned in the war of the gods in Changeling literature

In Art

In The Temple of Specternum, there are paintings of Jade and the other gods, many of which show photos of Cravens with Dragon wings and legs. These are believed to be Angelix

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