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Tenebris Arbitrium

Majesty / Queen Tenebris Lanekea Arbitrium (a.k.a. Ten)

The current ruler of Ombitrium. Her name directly translates to dark light from Latin. She is a stern ruler who struggles with bipolar much like her parents and her parents parents. She hides it well under a facade of a smile and a mask of joy, but sometimes, her angry spurts are seen and her darker days noticed.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong and fit, yet nimble and feeble

Body Features

She has a small, hidden pair of horns which have been growing ever since she started her practice of dark magic

Facial Features

A sharp chin with high, highlighted cheekbones and a stern stare. She has flawless skin and often smiles a small, almost unnoticeable smile.

Identifying Characteristics

She used to have piercings in all parts of her ears, but had to have them removed when she became queen

Physical quirks

She is right handed She gets a twitch in her right eye when angry

Special abilities

She has an unnatural gift for the dark arts

Apparel & Accessories

Her preferred clothing is pajamas, but she has to wear elegant dresses, the color fluctuates depending on her mood

Specialized Equipment

She carries a staff which she found in the forest of Tepebris. It is imbue with dark magic, but she uses it as a "Royal" staff, hiding its true nature

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tenebris suffers from bipolar disorder, much like her parents and her parents parents as it is a reoccurring genetic in their family.


She was schooled privately by the worlds most expensive tutor and practices defense regularly under the kings guard. Although forbidden, she was blessed with an extraordinary talent for magic and secretly practices it with the help of her best friend Caitlin Silver Rose.


She is currently high queen and ruler of Breace

Accomplishments & Achievements

She managed to broker a peace treaty with the aggressive Vesuviles, an extremely difficult task to accomplish. She has, however, only been in office for a few years and has plans to gain allies with the indigenous Klinkys.

Failures & Embarrassments

(Due to the bipolar) She lost her temper with a servant in front of a large meeting with her advisers

Mental Trauma

When she was young, her parents were killed during the invasion of Klinkidok by a Slithe, it has caused paranoia surrounding the subgect as a result of PTSD

Intellectual Characteristics

She is exceptionally intelligent and strives to gain as much knowledge as possible

Morality & Philosophy

Being a Queen she has to believe in the morals set by law (Murder is wrong, be kind ect..) But she doesn't really have a strong moral compass and will usually choose harsher treatment


She refuses to drink publicly No sex until marriage

Personality Characteristics


She dreams of spreading peace across the 5 nations

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely smart Magic savvy Bad at socializing Doesn't understand sarcasm

Likes & Dislikes

She loves dead flowers and has a strange obsession with time She dislikes ice and snow

Virtues & Personality perks

Quiet Caring A good listener

Vices & Personality flaws

Impatient Easily distracted Alcoholic behind the scenes

Personality Quirks

Twitches when angry Rubs her left arm when depressed


She is so used to having people clean up for her that she doesn't know how to do it herself


Contacts & Relations

She is single and looking for a spouse, but it is not her main priority Her best friend is from Breace and born into a wealthy family (Caitlin Silverose)

Family Ties

Her family is royalty and majority is dead. Her parents and grand parents are dead, she does however, have an aunt who married into the Silverose bloodline

Religious Views

She pretends to follow the belief in Mooira (The main religion) But she doesn't believe in any gods herself, only powerful people doing powerful things

Social Aptitude

She is confident when addressing her subjects, but struggles when its more one on one conversations. She has an extremely low self esteem


She often speaks down to people, only because she has been spoken to like that her entire life

Hobbies & Pets

Her hobbies include practicing magic in the darkest hours of the night and drinking and gambling in secret She has a secret pet, it is a miniature Craven


Says um a lot

Wealth & Financial state

Being queen she has an abundance of resources at her disposal, but her main expense is alcohol. She gives herself a small allowance and contributes the rest towards bettering her kingdom

Kind heart-ed with dark ways
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen of Breace
Year of Birth
1200 25 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Although royalty, she was born unexpectadley during an invasion of Maalt and is technically native to those hot deserts.
Known to be Breace, but is actually born in Maalt
Current Residence
Breace Kingdom
Biological Sex
Hetero sexual
Gender Identity
Female   She Her
Her eyes are a deep sapphire blue which grow deep and dark when she is sad and small and lighter when angry. Her eyes are sleek and thoughtful
Her hair is long and smooth, reaching her waist even when braided, but it is a strange purple color unlike the normal hair colors of the people of Breace, then again, all royalty seem to have strange colored hair
Skin Tone
She is stuck in the castle most days and thereby doesn't really have the scorched skin of the Maalts or the blue of the Klinky. She has a pale complexion, but it is found most attractive by men in Breace
1.7 meters tall
She ways a fair 65kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
Power is chaos with logic
Known Languages
Her magic allows her link minds with all species and learn their tongues with relative ease

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