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Unicorn Spit

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Unicorn meat, originating in The Weeping Woods of Tedepris, is very commonly eaten in Acrylicarion where they breed unicorns like cows. They use their horns for potions, their meat for eating (as it is a soft, decadent meat) and they produce a certain magical powder from their horns which creates a beautiful, decadent spice, much like saffron. This is the main attributes and is usually eaten in small amounts, however, there is a festival held in the middle of Holly by the changelings of Acrylicarion where the King and Queen hold a huge festival to feed all of their people. On this day, there are no rich, there are no poor, there are only people celebrating.   In order to feed all of these people, the changelings go through days of preperation to properly cut, skin and season the unicorns. They usually have to prepare 3 unicorns in order to feed the entire kingdom.


It began in the middle of Holly when the changelings declared freedom from slavery under the warforged cruel hands. This is why they celebrate all the lands equality no matter age or wealth status. The unicorn spit is a beloved tradition passed down for this reason


The unicorns preparation is passed down from generation to generation.
  1. The unicorns are lulled to sleep using a duel flute
2. They are then very carefully and quickly killed by snapping their necks
3. After that, the unicorns are skinned with the weapons of the warforged to symbolize the "de - skinning" of their nation
4. They then remove their internal organs and use it to make a simple gravy using the unicorn powder to add flavour to it
5. The meat is then seasoned with the unicorn powder and a variety of herbs and oils
6. They feed a large bamboo stick through the unicorns legs and tie them there
7. They let the meat sit overnight in a clean environment
8. They then prepare large bonfires and place the unicorns above it, turning them every now and again and brushing them with a herb mop and covering them with a mix of oils and herbs every now and again. They cook for hours so the meat is soft and succulent

Components and tools

They need not only certain herbs and oils, but also very certain woods and knives must be used to hold onto tradition.
  1. It has to be unicorn meat
2. The spices must be native to the weeping woods
3. The spices must be: Unicorn powder, sage, thyme, cryta leaves, cyan wallflower buds (The rest are secret to the culture
4. The unicorn must be skinned with the Crimson Dagger saved from the war against the warforged. (Currently sitting in the palace)
5. The bamboo must be found by heart break lake
6. The fire has to be burning from the night before and last until the next day otherwise it is considered a bad omen


The elders are always present, but the younger folks of the kingdom do the actual preparing to learn the traditions. The king has to cut the first unicorn piece. The meal has to be blessed by the head priest


This ritual takes place from the 23 - 25 of Holly

Related Location
The Weeping Woods

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21 Jul, 2019 20:32

Wait... only three unicorns to feed an entire kingdom? How small is this kingdom? How big are these unicorns?

21 Jul, 2019 20:34

Small kingdom, MASSIVE unicorn and small appetites

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This is great, especially the large amounts of detail!!