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Ice Plains of Klinkidok

Image by inetgrafx on deviant art

Located to the South West of Ombitrium lies the desolate tundra of Klinkidok. The only city sits nearer to the north and is the only safe place there. The icy plains inhabit the rest of Klinkidok. It is cold and windy with no plant or wildlife aside from the Scithe who people struggle to name alive. The only break from ice is the cavern of frost which in itself is said to be cursed.


The land itself is flat, but the snow around it grows in inconsistent hills and bumps. The land is frozen and hard at the surface, or so it is assumed, as it sits over 500m beneath the icy flakes who have mushed together to create a dense new layer of ground covered by the fresh, fine powder which is wisped around by the heavy gusts.

It was once believed that Klinkidok was an island surrounded by a sea of salty water and prehistoric beasts, but the land was so cold that the sea around it froze in the middle of their waves, causing the outskirts of the land to be made up of sharp, pointed, towering walls of ice

Flora & Fauna

There are no plants or any other kind of plant life in these icy plains. There is a single species which lives in the lands of Klinkidok aside from the odd prehistoric creature seen in the frozen walls and under the ground, perfectly preserved. The Scithe, these creatures are nothing but hearts without the cold weather of Klinkidok. These creatures have no direct form, but freeze the water around them to create icy forms of creatures. The size of the creatures determines what form they take, smaller ones tend to look like dear, squirrels and foxes (ect) The larger ones take the forms of bears, wolves (ect) There is one that is considered the God of the Scithe. This one usually takes the form of a giant snake skeleton, eye witness reports or in few supplies as almost all who have seen this creature, have perished.
It stood higher than giants, it struck with more confidence than a dragon and hissed a hiss so high pitched it could destroy the icy wall. Our men stood no chance against it, it took them out one by one, as if it wanted to see their lives fade before it. It seemed sadistic...evil. It seemed almost as if it had a mind as complex as mans. They called him Hroarst, meaning Unholy Frost in the ancient tongue.

Natural Resources

There is no resource from here unless you have the materials ready to harvest a Scithe heart before it melts. If you are lucky, you may be able to see and harvest the rare Scithe infected snow called Rynga in the ancient tongue. It is known in nautical terms as frost of the future as it causes hallucinations of future events to be seen when the user ingests it. It is believed that this is the reason why the God Scithe, Hroarst, can evade attacks so easily, almost as if he can see the future.

Just on the outskirts of Klinkidok, nearby the River of Tears in Tedepris, some of the snow rushes over the wall and fuses with the water lilies, creating Ice Lilies which have the strange ability, when ground into a potion with other ingredients, to give the user an immunity to frost for a short time.
Alternative Name(s)
The Snow Desert
Desert, Ice
Location under
Ice Plains of Klinkidok
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