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Essie Prixo

"Hello my fellow foodies. The name's Essie and I hope to fill this blog with detailed reviews of the many eating establishments found here in Omari. You will find the most thorough posts filled with my honest opinions. May we experience all the wonderful food this world has to offer together."
  Essie is a young human woman who loves food as much as she loves traveling. She runs a popular food blog. Posts consist primarily of reviews. The occasional recipe or travel post related to where she last ate pop up as well.  

Physical Traits

  Essie is 5'4" and weighs 146lbs. She has tan skin splattered with numerous freckles. Her hair is dark brown with tight curls; it is shoulder length. She has wide brown eyes and a rounded nose. Her face is square and has a smooth complexion. Essie's ears are big with detached earlobes. There is a single piercing in each where she enjoys showing off her food themed earring collection.   She has broad shoulders and hips. Her belly is soft and round. There is a faded appendectomy scar she received at 15 years old. After an accident at the age of 20, she lost part of her left leg. Essie wears a prosthetic that attaches at the mid thigh. It is bright pink and glittery with a daisy pattern overlaying the color.  

Personality and Style 

  Kindhearted and friendly, Essie loves meeting people and getting to know them. She will gladly cook homemade meals for friends and family. Essie often volunteers at shelters and other food related programs to make sure everyone has the opportunity to eat. Every year she picks a small food business to donate upgraded equipment to during the fall.    Essie loves baking and cooking, chocolate, themed food establishments, reading cheesy romance novels, gardening, swimming in the ocean, jazz, and collecting weird trinkets from gift shops. She has several shelves in her home to display all the bits and bobs she picks up while traveling. There is even a shot glass collection in her kitchen. She enjoys wearing a mix of bright and pastel colors, most of which are themed around flowers.    There are few things Essie does not like. She's super patient and willing to try almost anything. Snooty people, cooks who willingly use bad ingredients, thunderstorms, greed, and tight spaces make it on that list.   
"I put on my yellow sunhat and grabbed a large wicker basket. The sun is out and there's a light breeze, perfect weather to look through the garden. After nearly half an hour I filled the basket with all the ripe fruits and veggies I could find. There was more than enough as always. I set aside what I needed and boxed up the rest to donate to the free market." 

Her Story 

  Essie spent five years at Ester's safe haven before being adopted by her two fathers. Ester took her in after a member of Agi's Scales found her toddling about at roughly two years old. Her birth parents couldn't be found or contacted. William and Oliver adopted her when she was about seven.    With two cooks for fathers, Essie grew up around food. She always wanted to help them in the kitchen once she warmed up to them. Her favorite thing to make with them were peanut butter cookies. After school she would hang out at their seaside restaurant and do homework or get help with her personal cookbook. They encouraged her to pursue whatever she wanted, but Essie always found herself drawn back to her love of cooking and baking.    After graduating, Essie attended a local culinary school for three years. She wanted to expand her skills even further and earn enough credentials to run her own side business. During this time she set up her food blog. It started off as a showcase for her own food. Once she started traveling, she used it for reviews and posting pics of her favorite meals from establishments she's visited. At the age of 22 she started her own catering business. This allows her to keep moving feely while still providing services.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Cis Female.


Year of Birth
887 LE 25 Years old
Species: Human   Parents: William and Oliver Ardens   Current Location: Coralview  

Top Picks

As a food blogger, Essie visits a wide variety of eating establishments. She has a page on her blog dedicated to a list of the best places to visit. It gets updated now and again the more she travels.

Favorite Dishes

by RitaE
A hearty gourd soup. Perfect for chilly autumn afternoons.   A little tart, yet sweet fruit pastry. It is light and refreshingly bright.

Cover image: by Krzysiek


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