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Nature Magic

  The power of nature can be a truly maginificent tool in the correct hands. Where others would need tools and patience the nature casters can make something grow at astounding speeds.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Nature magic is one of the oldest types of magic in the world and used to be even more common than the elemental magic in ancient times. In ancient times in was only used for healing but over the many centuries it uses expanded. Now it allows one to change physical forms and control wildlife.  



Ancient Time

  Nature magic is one of the oldest types of magic around. Casters of other types of magic existed in the early years after magicfall, but controlling the other types such as the elemental and mind magic proved to be much more difficult. In that regard nature magic was far easier to use without causing unwanted accidents. During this time it was still mainly being used for healing and proved vital for the early communities of Niorath.  


  When the Avaronian Empire became larger the use of nature magic became less important among the Avar Elves. They saw much more value in the offensive powers of the elemental magics and started to especially favor magical bloodlines linked to those.   This was different among the Mofae Elves who still saw it as the most important kind of magic. They developed it further and over the centuries their knowledge found its way to the other Elves and the other species of Farlis. During this time they discovered the abilties to change physical form or properties and to control of nature.  

Other Continents

  In the Mizarin region the use of nature magic has been important throughout history. The beastfolk of this region and especially the Nekorians steadily evolved it at their own pace. The best casters of the beastfolk, however, were the ones settling in northern Oneraga from where their knowledge spread to the rest of the continent.   Nature magic never really took off in Pavanor due to the limited amount of Leaf Falls there. The same occured in Avak'am although to a lesser degree as the northern jungles there did have a substantial amount.  

Nature Falls

  Nature Magic can either be gained at birth or by the use of Leaf Falls. Among the various Elves, and especially among the Mofae , there are quite a lot of individuals born with the ability to cast this type of magic. The other species of Niorath do not have the same amount of people born with this ability.   Leaf Falls can mostly be found deep within forests with jungles having the largest amount of these kinds of Falls. For the Elven communities many of these Falls come from either the Izim Woods or the Baidan Jungle. Some can be found on the surface but many still need to be mined.  
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  Just like divine magic, nature magic is able to heal the wounded and sick. Although both can perform healing there are some slight differences in the way it done. For nature magic this means that the magic uses the bodies natural abilties to the full extend in order to hasten the healing process. This is in contrast to the power that divine magic uses which comes from the celestial realms.  

Physical Changes

  One of the uses of nature magic that was discovered later on was the changes is can make to the physical form of individuals. At first it was discovered it could be used for small changes such as increasing speed or jumping distance. Eventually the caster managed to change the form of those they casted the spells on. Changing into different creatures or even changing into another person became easier to achieve.   In Elven communities, mainly among the Avar and Mofae Elves, this has given rise to a society that is much more fluid on appearance and gender. As these could be much more easily changed it became a less important factor in their societies making them more equal at least in that regard.  


  During the wars that the Mofae Elves fought against the Selefer, several ways to use this magic offensively were developed. This resulted in various spells which allowed casters to create acids and poisons to damage incoming enemies.  

Nature Control

  Another use discovered during this time was the ability to control the natural environment around them. This allowed nature casters to quickly grow plants which could constrict enemies or even hurt them with thorns. This also proved to have other uses such as rapid plant growth for crops and herbs.   However, not only plants can be controlled with nature magic. Animals are also something that can be controlled by a nature caster. These could then be used offensively or as scouts.  

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