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Electric Weapons

Many fear the rise of the Raitin and rightfully so. We Dragons already had a hatred for them for the way they treat our captive brothers and sisters. But the more years pass the more military technology they procure.   Their electric weaponry is not to be underestimated. If the rest of the world does not catch up like the Pavans did, than they run the risk of being run over.
— High Sage Syronikir
  After the creation of their Storm Armor the Raitin gained a lot of new possibilities. Since they could only use limited amounts of magic they tried to find ways to amplify its uses. This is how the electric weapons came into being.   This invention would set them far apart from the other nations. Only the Pavan Empire has caught up to a degree thanks to their gunpowder weapons and Soulknights. But if other nations do not follow their example they might lose any coming wars rather quickly.
Spellblade by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


Electric Sword by Kefkejaco with Heroforge

Electric Swords

  One of the first electric weapons that were created was the electric sword. These are still very similar to their 'normal' counterparts but do have one advantage. When hitting something they can use these weapons to give an additional shock, which make these weapons even more deadly.   Although the swords were the most common melee weapons used for this method other melees weapons could function in the same way. The second most common are the knives which are often used skilled and fast moving Raitin.  

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  The electric melee weapons count as magical +1 weapons. In addition to their normal damage they do an additional 5(2d4) lightning damage.  

Electric Rifles

  The electric rifles followed soon and would become the first ranged weapons using the power of Cloudcrystals. They were heavily used during the Pavan-Raitin War war and gave the Raitin several successes in the beginning.   Several sharp darts are added to the front which are then propelled by the force supplied by the Cloudcrystal. They can be fired separately 6 times or with multiple at once. Afterwards the rifle would need to be recharged.  

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  The electric rifles count as magical ranged weapons. They do 7(2d6) piercing damage and 3 (1d6) lightning damage on a hit.  
Electric Rifle by Kefkejaco with Heroforge
Lightning Blaster by Kefkejaco with Heroforge

Lightning Blaster

  The most recent creation of the electric weapons is the lightning blaster. This large rifle actually fires a long blast of electricity which make them a devastating weapon to wield. However, due to their large power use they need time to recharge after each blast.   The Raitin are working on improving them but are believed to not have succeeded thus far. The main issue could most likely be the Cloudcrystal power source itself that would actually need to be larger to decently supply the weapon. This is a rather difficult issue to solve for the small Raitin.  


  The electric weapons can only function when they are being powered by a Storm Armor. The Cloudcrystal power source of this armor supplies the weapons with the needed elemental magic.   Technically the weapons could be used without the armor by a caster but they would likely stop working over time in that case.   All of the electric weapons were created in the research labs of the Raitin Citadel just like most of the recent Raitin inventions. How they are actually created is still not known fully but it is assumed that the weapons, just like the armor, use of form of flexible Cloudcrystal in their core.  

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The weapons are rare outside Raitinshin but are common in the Raitin Military.  

Materials and Components

They are made mostly out of metal but are believed to also have a flexible Cloudcrystal core.

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