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Umber {English}

A dark-yellow moon with a sutbel hint of pink light is what shines in the skies at night. If you follow it's passage, then perhaps you find new lands?
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
If there is any God that has a constant influence on beings and his followers, Umberem has that. The moon, Umber, is what gives the God His name, or the name to it however some want to see it. Umber is the middle of the three orbiting moons that show themselves for Nimenra's people and what many calendars use as a measurement for a calendar, for it phases is about 31-32 days.    


Many admire the sight of Umber in the sky, as it lightens up the otherwise dark nights with a yellow shine, but also somewhat pink during it's later phases to being full. What can be spotted with a sight-enhancing instrument is what seems like small settlements, high points like hills and other features on the moon. This kind of observations has given rumours to the people in the scholarly communities in countries of Telamirein a frightening thought of beings were placed there for insubordination to the Gods. That has also given the rise of new thoughts about why the moon darkens as it does after it has been full. It has become a belief that the darkening is a punishment for those beings living there.  


Umberem, the God of Old Age, Dreams, the Night and is one of the main eight deities accepted in the Eight Pantheons. Umberem was given the most reliable moon, which was already called Umber or He named it after Himself, for his help during the Gods conflict where he sided eventually with Rhyn. Legends tell of Umberem residing there for thousands years, claiming it as His home where He would guide dreams and eventually help the dying to their respective God's domain. This ended with when He was eventually called back into another place called Calidera, where he guided new children. Umberem would eventually return, but instead of living on Umber, He would use the moon as His watcher, so that He could relax and find stillness. Askersound, the God of Water, is said to have wanted Umber since Umberem did not appreciate His gift after so many years. Umberem is not a god with a temper but gave the challenge to Askersound to move Umber if He so wanted it. This was not successful, and Umber is still in its place.
Alternative Name(s)
Verdinla, Lunxi
Planetoid / Moon

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