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The Stàilind

Whilst the countries in Telamirein rely mostly on citizen guard watches in their towns and cities, Nekuram has a different composition. They have a more organized force of watchmen and guards that patrol the streets of their larger settlements have I been told. While still having watchmen on a regular basis from the citizens of the town, they also have a more professional and permanent force of guards. In their capital, they all house in the Steel House, the Stàilind as it is called.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Nekuram have over time had their share of civil problems beyond the squandering of the Necur Council, nobility and other high levels citizens. Unrest, banditry and criminal activity have always been a problematic side of civilisation it seems and has been solved in several ways. One of them is the formation of a permanent guard and watchmen force in larger settlements. Called the Wylion they fight criminals and acts as a policing force for the Nekur society. In the capital, they are housed in the Steel House, The Stàilind, and acts as the headquarters for their organisation's leaders as well as the housing for 100 men and women at all times.

Purpose / Function

The Stàilind was built with the intended purpose to house the new organisation of a watch and guard force in the capital and other settlements called The Wylion. Using the original location of the capital's watch barracks, the original building was demolished and recreated with some modifications to be larger. Amongst the modifications was the housing of around 50 men and women as semi-permanent residents in their own rooms. Another was a large office/archive where documentation was kept in a sealed and fireproof room underground.


In history, Nekuram has been a stable and organized country despite the many races of Necur/Demons that are calling it home. Times can change, however, especially during times of trials and problems for the many. During the middle of the 1700s V.D and on, the criminality and banditry in the country rose suddenly due to warfare with The United Kings Council, draught, leadership changes and server political insecurity in the Necur Council. This peaked at the beginning of the 1800s V.D when riots in the east and west started after the war against the Human ended in yet another stalemate as the conflict again turned cold. With a dissatisfied Necur Council that did not come to any agreement, the Regent of Nekuram and King of Nekuram was locked out of doing any good decisions as the time. Using the army as best Nekuram could after their defeat, the riots ceased over three years in the capital and in other places. The Regent came up with the suggestion of creating a standing force for the problems of criminality in larger settlements to hinder such problems again. The King agreed and ousted the Necur Councils protests, who feared their powers in the towns would be curtailed. This lead to the creation of The Wylion and the building for their headquarters in the capital was raised in under two years.
Military and Guard Complex
Capital of Nekuram
Construction Date
1844 V.D

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