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The Protection {English}

While many would assume that the demons adhere to the legend of The Battle of Gods that The Eight Pantheons teach due to the similarities, and in some cases the same, Gods and myths. There are stories about how a single God protected Nimenra that have been told and does not fit any narrative that exists among Humans.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Protection legend is not common among the demons but is told to children all over Nekuram as a tale with a hint of truth to it. The tale of how demons have the God Nirvast to thank for their existence and how He protected Nimenra and everything that is known from the calamity.


Before the conflicts of Gods and Nimenra's creation, there was a time of another world. This world was large, larger than any being had explored, and so parts of the world could break away because of mystic and unclear forces. This would eventually lead to a large, spheric part to break loose, thrown into what would be equally called sky just as this world would be destroyed. This piece of the former world would disappear with great speed across the sky and away to never be seen again.
When the world as known was created and the Gods had arrived to mend it and build, there was one God called Nirvast. Nirvast was indolent and unconcerned about Nimenra and the others, so he would most of the time lie down and sleep. The Gods around him were angered by this display of lack in interest. Some, like Anaran, tested Him with temptation with Her body, which He, in turn, turned Her into a frog for two days. When eventually the war among the Gods began, Nirvast was sleeping through it all on a mountain plateau far, far away from the battles trying to remain out of the conflict. When some God or creatures created by Gods came upon Him and challenged or tried to fight Him, He would transform himself into either another God or a harmless creature or plant.
Eventually, the war was close to being over and by that time Nirvast was sleeping in what would be Nimenra's southern part Narzuvim. While the others were fighting, Nirvast noticed an odd noise coming from somewhere. Looking with His God eyes, He saw what others did not, a large chunk of land and earth falling towards the planet. This was the spheric part of the former world that once before had broken off. Realising that no other God was going to intervene, Nirvast took it upon Himself, transforming into a large flying reptile and sore away though the sky. Upon reaching the large mass, He plummeted straight through it, splitting it and in the process halted it for enough time to fly around and trying to stop it. He, however, was not successful. As He and the sphere crashed down, He used the last of His powers to diminish the impact just enough so that Nimenra was saved and the following destruction was limited to Narzuvim.
Parts of this sphere is said to have been infused with the magic that scattered across Narzuvim and allowed for the greater magical abilities of the demons. Nirvast, however, was gone, the destiny of a God to be forgotten.


While the story of Nirvast is mostly told as it is recorded, there exist some changes, like how he during the challenges was naked or had very little clothes. This was attributed to the lack of will to attentiveness from Nirvast, where he even would not put on clothes just for the trouble in doing that.
There are also two versions that differ in some crucial aspects. The first is that the sphere was not of earth and land, but of pure magic and that Nirvast transformed to try and contain it as His normal body could not handle it, only for it all to pour out of him or making Him explode in a magical explosion. The second has actually Narzuvim emerge from the sphere and it was due to Nirvast's act that demons and Nekuram exist. The magic is then said to have originated from Nirvast Himself, as He died and the magic was expelled from Him.

Cultural importance

While many demons would tell differently, for some this legend explains why demons have superior magic compared to humans. It is also an explanation to a few demons why magic is stronger within other demon races compared to the normal Nercur. This is why among some cults Nirvast still is a revered minor God and possibly explains why his legend still is told.
Date of First Recording
Around 1300 B.V.
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