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The Shuwei is what they call themselves. I for one would say that they are humans but if they are, are there other human nations, civilizations beyond Nimenra?
When I first meet them they seemed worried about what I could tell, almost as if I were a demon. This is a collection of observations and answers that I have collected from my time during my months abroad, far away from Ravero's warm home.
- Fenrik Klovhernsman, captain during the voyage across the sea 2436.

The naming tradition for the Shuwei people

From what I have understood, they are using the family name first(?) and then their given name. So my name would be Klovhernsman Fenrik in their way of saying names.


Major language groups and dialects

As I try to converse in both Raveros own language and Lavi, they seem not to understand me. I am a simple man to being with, but their speech seems unrecognizable from any I have heard. And I have been to Glarn and spoken to demons!

Average technological level

While they may not have sailed across the sea as I have, they are definitely most capable to do so! Their ships, both large and small, have no trouble like we had on open waters. They may even have a... slight upper hand in agriculture I have heard a crewmember tell. He had seen them grow perfect crops from under the water!
The I have a lasting question on my mind: stone water rivers, what are these? As I saw and was informed (in my very basic understanding), these seem like no natural floods or rivers. Instead, they are handcrafted by them! While I have seen similar, smaller constructions made by Raveren hands, nothing compare to these huge constructions.
I would therefore say that while Kingdom of Ravero is on the same level as these people, they are most definitely a people of greatness and great promiss.

Common Etiquette rules

When I met these people, I was going to shake one's hand, which he politely accepted in a manner where he almost petted it like an animals tail! The others bowed, similar to how worshipers and devoted to the teachings of Krakros do. And when we arrived with our large boats, they seem to be inviting us immediately, something I would not do to be honest if I saw what I looked like. They are very courteous people despite us not understanding each other entirely.
There is still, some oddities, the venerableness of the others elder is quite thorough and respected in all places. I might seem old to them, I don't know, but getting help to stand up is the most annoying thing for a 46-year-old man to have! Still, I see no problem with these people. (...) Well, perhaps when I think about how they bow before the "Shangxi", all the way down to the floor with your head once and your legs absolutely still and straight on the ground. We were "allowed" to my understanding to stay on one knee. I have bowed before the king of Raveros and he did not need this much court rules.
The common people are also very much outspoken, giving what I imagine friendly advice to us even if we did not understand a thing of what they were saying. Over time, when I learned a few words, I did understand it as advice for how to walk, to speak to others of different status and how to avoid dangerous behaviour...

Common Dress code

There is a clear division between statesmen and the common peasant, or so I believe after seeing the clothes. Commoners have many different appeals but mostly fitting with what they work with. Peasants wear fabric shirts and simple but sturdy pants with colours like home. The men that we meet in the port's inner city had more ranges of colourful motives however, businessmen and officals with other varients of fabrics. What surprised me, even more, was one material, smooth like a Nilari's hands and feet, was woven into clothes that would fit a king! And the commoner had them!
As on NImenra, there are nobles or high-ranking officials that we met. These had colours of green, yellow and black mostly in their mutual symbols and patterns. A wingless dragon and what I would call a raptor bird was exclusively used by a specific offciall who they called "Shangxi".

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I like how this is written in the voice of Fenrik. It helps show how it's easy for people to find those that are different to be strange.

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