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Restless River

The restless river was once just a pile of ice until one day the Qieq’ars came together and built the river. It took years but when it was completed it became a source of water and inspiration.  


The metal part of the river is made up of various types of metals. The main ingredient is Blaecium. The other metals are; Bluyntine and Priasium. The inside of the metal is made up of many small generators which make their own “water” which then flows into the main part.   The “water” is a specialty mixed chemical that isn’t toxic. This chemical can’t melt or freeze which is helpful during the winter where temperatures can get very cold.  


The river is used for water and used for traders to easily transport themselves into another area. The fishers get around by boats which are customized for the river. The water is also used for technology like the Mind Chip. It’s used to make sure all the components are together along with Prore.


A thousand years ago they had a hard time finding any water sources. The population was dying of dehydration and they had to find a way to get water but it didn’t last long. The ocean water could work but it was ineffective.   A group of engineers and scientists worked together for many years to find a solution. They eventually came up with an idea and prototyped a small one and it was exactly what they needed. It had a few flaws which they could easily fix.   The hard part was getting the funding for the project. It was going to cost a lot to get the materials and to install it around a massive area. The government took a bit of persuasion since they said that it would cost too much and that there were barely enough engineers to help. They suggested that the citizens could help by pitching in and do a little section at a time while being guided by them. They decided to fund it after they heard that pitch.   They took a few years to get the materials ready and the project was open to the public. It catched on immediately and started in the main city of Colzhong and eventually expanded into other cities. The progress was slow and steady but it paid off in the end.   The two continents decided to join together to combine their rivers which added another layer of complexity and time.

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May 30, 2022 19:36

So they made themselves a river. Cool!

May 30, 2022 19:38

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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Jun 3, 2022 09:36

Pretty interesting that they made a river from scratch. Is the ice source very large like a glacier?

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The entire continent is made out of ice and snow. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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