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It’s located in the Eastern District of Jyvasian which is also called the revolutionary district because of the technology that is discovered there. It’s the oldest still standing settlement. The older ones have either gotten merged into a completely different one or got destroyed due to storms.


The settlement is overlooked by the [Eastern District Government]. They decide which laws are passed and what the companies can make among other things of course.

Industry & Trade

People have drones that deliver whatever the people need from food to luxury items which is used almost everyday. It’s the most lucrative business in the entire contient. There’s many things to do in the city of Colzhong like visiting the local library or testing new products.


When the Qieq’ars first came to the continent of Jyvasian, the first major settlement was named Colzhong and it had roughly 20,000 inhabitants. It was mostly tents made out of the materials they could find. Each tent supported 2-3 people. Bigger families had multiple ones close by or bigger ones depending on what materials were left. There was only room for the people and a few belongings in a normal tent. The bigger tents could fit more than 5.   As time went on the city expanded and actual houses started to appear. The population grew immensely and was past 100,000 after a couple decades. The people were doing well on their own but still needed help from other parts of the world. Food was still hard to come by so they used other towns as trade hubs.   The present day city is a capital full of exciting and inspiring technology and inspiration.


They have a futuristic style and the buildings are all white and have grayish blue accents. The buildings resemble skyscrapers. The average height is 283 ft tall and they have lots of windows for people to enjoy the view from all angles.

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