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Mind Chip


When the chip is put on, a hatch releases under the berry and destroys the berry which releases smoke and liquid. They travel through the bloodstream, into the brain and takes over the victims mind completely. A chemical is released at the same time which has code for instructions for what the victim has to do.


It’s used to take over the mind of their enemies and make them sabotage their own kind. The host can’t resist without completely removing the tech. The Irziell’s have had a bad time with this.


The manufacturing of this technology requires a different process than usual. They have to be careful or risk messing up the entire thing. They first develop the machinery first then insert the berry last.

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Access & Availability
There are limited materials to make this. Its quite rare.
Its pretty complex to make. Only a select few can work on this. It requires very expensive materials and technology. The main ingredients are the Harmless Winterberry which does the mind control and water from the Restless River to put the berry in to stabilize it.
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Oct 26, 2023 14:12 by Corvo Branco

It is not a way to make people obedient to commands, like most minds-pells seem to be. It is the command itself, if I understood it well. A sort of raking people, with chemical "virus". Would serve to send messages as well, I presume. Possibly secret messages that only some individuals would be able to decipher.   I wonder if it could serve as an instantaneous teaching machine, as well. Depends on how complex messages can be, I suppose. Could you make someone who has never played any instrument play a complex music in a piano as well as a professional pianist? Would that person then be able to play that same music any time? Or even, perhaps, learn how to play other musics with less effort? If so, that's almost as useful to a nation as mind-control (assuming it can be done in large scale, and is affordable in terms of production cost).   Other thing this could be used for is cure to addiction. Perhaps you smoke daily, and by some personal idiosyncracy you don't want to be a smoker anymore. However, you have tried to not smoke and failed. Perhaps this technology would do the trick?   If it can do that, then it probably can do other thing, much more nasty and shady: cure criminal behaviour. In people who don't want to be cured. And perhaps don't agree that their behaviour should be criminal.   Mind-Control/Mind-Manipulation technology is a fascinating theme, and one that is tricky to deal with in worldbuilding.   I risked to include it in Sharitarn. And since I did it I have been trying to look it closer. Tell a few stories in the cities that teach Mind-Magic in their Mage Universities. I'm postponing it.   The Mind-Magic Ways (2: Mind Carving and Min Whispers) have served me to better define the moral spirit of civilization in this setting. Saying that Necromancy is morally neutral in Sharitarn, only one big city thinks it is Evil and hunts undeads and necromancers. Everyone else don't think they are any worse than Healing Mages. However, Mind-Mage Castes are looked with suspicious and hardly welcomed anywhere, when sigraxes (a sort of magic user) travel they often pretend to be something else, if they are Mind-Sigraxes. Illusionists, more often than not.   Then, I didn't really included Mind-Magic in my setting for the sake of Mind-Magic. I did so for the sake of Necromancy. Now I am not sure about what to do with it. Beyond highlight the general bias of Sharitarne people against those Magical Ways.